18.0 Days and Hours of Operation 

(a) Days and hours of operation shall be determined by the Franchise and approved by the Commission. Changes to approved days and hours of operation shall be submitted to the Commission for approval prior to implementation.

(b) EGS gaming areas may be opened everyday during the year (excluding Easter and Christmas) during such operating hours as the Commission may approve.

(c) The Gaming Day (which may differ from hours of operation) for a Franchise Holder shall be the 24 hour period which commences on the current calendar day at 6:00am and terminates at 5:59am the following calendar day. Franchise Holder may choose to begin and end their Gaming Day at other than hours specified in this section. Hours of operation may differ from the Gaming Day.

(d) No Gaming Day shall be longer than 24 hours. However, each Franchise Holder may establish hours of operation for EGS which differ from its hours of operation for pari-mutuel wagering on horse or greyhound racing.