These regulations apply only to the Electronic Games of Skill operations at licensed Pari-mutuel franchises, as authorized by Act 1151 of 2005. The provisions of this Act are located in the Arkansas Code and codified as A.C.A. §23-113-201. They were developed by Gaming Laboratories International, Inc. with the input of the Arkansas Racing Commission, the staff of the Department of Finance and Administration. Comments from suppliers of electronic games of skill and the general public were also considered in the drafting of this document. The regulations were adopted under the provisions of A.C.A. §§ 25-15-201 through 25-15-218. Associated with, but not part of these regulations, are “appendices.”

The purpose of the appendices is to provide pertinent material that is subject to frequent change, particularly forms that are related to licensing. Although appendices are documents that enable the enforcement of regulations, they are located outside the body of this document. This will permit the ability to change and update forms, procedures and processes to conform to changes without making policy/regulatory changes. Such changes are considered to be technical in nature and, therefore, will not necessitate invoking the rule making process.

The appendices are designated by a “P” followed by a hyphen, and then with a reference number of the Section number to which is refer or supports.

Example: P1-13-17 (a) would be a “Personal History Disclosure form.

Appendices contain such items as:
Index of forms and appendices
Key to abbreviations and acronyms
Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

The Games of Skill Regulations and Appendices reside on the Department of Finance and Administration’s (DFA), Racing Division’s web site, and are also available in printed form upon request. Requests for printed copies may be made in the form of an e-mail to the Manager of the Racing Division (listed on web site) or by U.S. Mail at P.O Box 3076, Little Rock, AR 72203 or by telephone at 501-682-1467.

The Arkansas Racing Commission and the offices of the Department of Finance and Administration adhere to the spirit and letter of the Freedom of Information Act of 1967 as stated in ACA§ 25-19-101 et seq.