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Title 2, Subtitle I | Small Farm Winery Operations 

Section 2.70
“Small Farm Winery”
means a wine-making establishment that does not produce for sale more than two-hundred fifty thousand (250,000) gallons of wine, the alcoholic content of which is not less than one-half of one percent (0.5%) and which does not exceed twenty-one percent (21%) by weight, per calendar year, as reported on the federal tax report form TTB 5210-17, as it existed on January 1, 2007. (Adopted 8-15-07)

Section 2.71
“Small Farm Wine Grocery Store”
means an establishment that has more than fifty thousand dollars ($50,000) of inventory of human consumable items. The applicant must prove the inventory requirement to apply for or renew the small farm wine retail permit. The establishment must be of such a nature and size that it offers a full range of typical grocery store items including, but not limited to, fresh produce, fresh meat, laundry detergents, frozen foods, dairy products, breads and other such items. The above list is not all inclusive. (Adopted 8-15-07)

Section 2.72
“Small Farm Wine Convenience Store”
means an establishment which sells a combination of motor fuel products and human consumable food. The convenience store must prove, in order to apply for or renew the Small Farm Wine retail permit for convenience stores, that it has in inventory at least seven thousand five hundred dollars ($7,500) worth of human consumable food items. (Adopted 8-15-07)

Section 2.73 Small Farm Winery may bottle and sell wines produced by another licensed small farm winery.
Under the provisions of Act 668 of 2007 a small farm winery license authorizes the permittee to manufacture and bottle wines produced by that small farm winery. In addition a small farm winery license authorizes the holder of that permit to bottle and sell wines produced by another small farm winery. In order for a small farm winery to bottle and sell another small farm winery’s products both the selling winery and the buying winery must be small farm winery permit holders as defined in Act 668 of 2007. (Adopted 8-15-07)

Section 2.74 Product Source for Small Farm Wine.
Small farm wine means wine made from grapes, berries, other fruits, honey or vegetables. Small farm wine includes mead. (Adopted 8-15-07)