Comprehensive Annual Financial Report 

The CAFR-section's primary responsibility is to produce the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report each year. To assist with that effort, the CAFR-Section provides technical advice, management support and training in the proper accounting procedures to State Agency fiscal staff.

The CAFR-Section is comprised of Accounting Technicians, Accounting Specialists who are the primary agency contacts, Unit Managers who provide technical advice to agency specific accounting issues and construct the CAFR, a Manager and the Assistant Manager.

CAFR 200309/03/2009
CAFR 200409/03/2009
CAFR 200509/03/2009
CAFR 200609/03/2009
CAFR 200709/03/2009
CAFR 200809/30/2009
CAFR 200901/06/2010
CAFR 201001/20/2011
CAFR 201101/23/2012
CAFR 201201/29/2013
CAFR 201301/27/2014
CAFR 201401/22/2015
CAFR 201501/25/2016
CAFR 201601/23/2017