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Fraud Reporting 

The DFA Financial Management Guide effective as of October 1, 2004, requires that a thorough investigation be conducted for each alleged incident of fraud. When allegations of fraud are brought to the attention of agency management, these allegations shall be reported to the DFA Internal Audit Section. The Internal Audit Section will coordinate the review of the allegations to determine if the allegations are substantiated.

State employees also have the option of reporting allegations of fraud directly to the DFA Internal Audit Section. You may contact the Internal Audit Section at 501-682-0370 or 800-952-8248. Complete a fraud reporting form and mail or email to the Internal Audit Section.

You have the options of printing a blank complaint form and completing the required boxes in the form, or you can use the complaint form with input option and fill it out using your computer before printing.

After completing the form, please mail to:

Department of Finance and Administration
Office of Accounting - Internal Audit Section
1515 W 7th Street, Suite 215
Little Rock, AR 72201