Staff Directory 

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Duncan BairdAdministratorAdministrator for Fiscal and Budget501-682-5372
James NunnleyAssistant AdministratorBiennial and Fiscal501-682-5373
Nick FullerAssistant Administrator - Annual Operations Plans, Statewide PlanningHouse of Representatives, Senate, Legislative Audit, Legislative Research, Court of Appeals, Administrative Office of Courts, Prosecutor Coordinator, Supreme Court, Attorney General, Auditor of State, Land Department, Secretary of State, Treasurer of State, Board of Finance, County Aid, Municipal Aid, Public Defender Commission 501-682-5379
Lasonja RossManager - TrainingDepartment of Health, Health Services Permit Agency, Workers' Compensation Commission, Claims Commission 501-682-5394
Tammy WilliamsManager – Special ProjectsBurial Association, Embalmers & Funeral Directors, Parole Board, Sentencing Commission, Correction, Community Correction501-682-5385
Mary Ashley WelchBudget Analyst Public Employees Retirement, Teacher Retirement, Development Finance Authority, Geological Survey, Liquefied Petroleum Gas Board, Oil & Gas Commission, Department of Environmental Quality Natural Resources Commission, Department of Labor, Cemetery Board, Bank Department, Securities Department, Insurance Department, Public Service Commission, Economic Development Commission 501-682-5334
Jason CallanBudget AnalystDepartment of Human Services: Administrative Services, Medical Services, Blind Services, Behavioral Health, Medicaid Inspector General 501-682-5376
 VacantBudget AnalystDepartment of Human Services: Aging & Adult Services, Children & Family Services, Developmental Disabilities Services, Youth Services Childcare & Early Childhood Education, County Operations, Developmental Disabilities Services 501-682-1941
Emily  ShumateBudget AnalystGovernor, Lieutenant Governor, Game & Fish Commission, Highway Department, Governor's Mansion, Department of Finance & Administration: Management Services, ABC-Control, ABC-Enforcement, Building Authority, Disbursing Officer, Revenue Services, Racing Commission, Child Support Enforcement501-682-5357
Cayce RaneyBudget AnalystDepartment of Education: General Education Division, Public School Fund, Educational Television Division, State Library; School for the Blind, School for the Deaf, Capitol Zoning Commission501-682-5352
Amy DickBudget Analyst Law Enforcement Standards & Training Commission, Crime Laboratory, Department of State Police, Military Department, Crime Information Center, Department of Emergency Management501-682-2615
Junji HoritaBudget AnalystForesters Registration Board, Beef Council, Corn & Grain Sorghum Board, Catfish Promotion Board, Rice Research & Promotion Board, Soybean Board, Wheat Promotion Board, Department of Agriculture, Department of Arkansas Heritage, Natural & Cultural Resources Council, Board of Election Commissioners, Ethics Commission, Judicial Discipline & Disability Commission Board of Physical Therapy, Department of Parks & Tourism, Aeronautics Department, Assessment Coordination Department 501-682-5380
 VacantBudget AnalystSpinal Cord Commission, Alcohol & Drug Abuse Counselors, Athletic Training, Dental Examiners, Dietetics Licensing, Acupuncture & Related Techniques, Veterinary Medical Examiners, Manufactured Home, Minority Health, Motor Vehicle, Hearing Instrument Dispensers, Medical Board, Nursing Board, Optometry Board, Pharmacy Board, Architects/Landscape, Architects/Interior Designers, Child Abuse & Neglect Prevention501-682-3694
Symone HollisBudget AnalystFair Housing Commission, Social Work Licensing Board, Tobacco Control Board, Board of Examiners in Psychology, Disability Determination for Social Security Admin., Tobacco Settlement Commission, Disabled Veterans Service Office, Veterans Child Welfare, Department of Veterans Affairs, Dept. of Workforce Services, Abstractors Board, Auctioneers Licensing Board, Examiners in Counseling Board, Real Estate Commission, Dispensing Opticians Board, Speech Pathology & Audiology Board, 501-682-5332
Amanda DiPippaBudget AnalystInstitutions of Higher Education, Private Career Education Board, Crowley's Ridge Technical Institute, Northwest Technical Institute, Riverside Vo-Tech School, Technical Colleges, Department of Higher Education, Private Career Education, Career Education: Administration, Rehabilitation Services501-682-5387
 VacantBudget AnalystBoard of Accountancy, Appraisers Licensing Board, Bd. of Professional Bail Bondsmen, Barber Examiners Board, Board of Collection Agencies, Board of Professional Engineers & Land Surveyors, Home Inspector Registration Board, Towing & Recovery Board, Fire Protection Licensing Board, Martin Luther King, Jr. Commission, Waterways Commission, Student Loan Authority, Department of Information Systems, Office of Geographic Information Services Office of Health Information Technology Contractors Licensing Board Chiropractic Examiners Board, Soil Classifiers Board501-682-1941
Support Staff
Katrina BurnettAdministrative AnalystLegislative Committee Reporting, Standard Logs, Administrative Support 501-682-1941
Sandy ThomasSystems Coordination AnalystOffice Web Page, PC Support, PBAS Technical Support501-682-5388