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Driver Control   

Information About Another Person's License
No information can be released to anyone unless it is the licensee; a person who has written permission from a licensee; or a traffic court, law enforcement, or governmental agency who has a need for such information to perform their required duties. 
Driver Control Hearing Officer Locations and Phone Numbers

If you need more information about Driver Control, please call 501-682-1631.
Please click here for a list of all locations.

Driver's License Suspension

Suspension of Driving Privileges in Another State
You will need to contact the state where you are suspended and ask them what you will need to provide them to have the situation resolved. 
Arkansas' Administrative Point System 
Arkansas' Administrative Point System is used to identify problem drivers. Points are assigned for various traffic violations ranging from failure to obey a traffic signal (3 points), reckless driving (8 points) and speeding 0-10 (3 points). A computer program searches all the driver records weekly and identifies the records which have fallen within a preset range for various sanctions. For example, 10-13 points a warning letter is issued telling the driver to be careful; 14 or more points a notice is sent to the licensee advising them of a proposed suspension action and advising them that they may have a hearing to discuss the proposed action. Persons with 14 to 17 points may be suspended for three months; 18 to 23 points may be suspended for six months; and 24 or more points may be suspended for one year. A hearing is automatically scheduled and they are subject to the Hearing officer's discretion, which ranges from no action, probation, restriction or suspension. If the licensee fails to attend hearing, the licensee is automatically suspended. 

Age Waiver (Hardship License)
Please contact your local Driver Control Office for an application for an Age Waiver.  Applications will only be given to a parent or guardian.  Applications will not be given to a minor.  

Age waivers, (hardships), are issued for minors between the ages of 14-16 for the specific purposes of getting to  and from school or school activities, to and from work, or for medical reasons.  Prior to application, the minor must be licensed and must have 6 months experience beginning at the time the instruction permit was issued.  There is an application that must be completed and can be obtained from your local Driver Control office.  Along with the completed application this department must receive a letter from the parent/guardian explaining the hardship and specifying when and where the minor needs to drive without an adult.  If the age waiver is requested for school or school activities, we must have a letter from the school, on school letterhead, verifying that bus service is not provided or that the child is involved in extracurricular activities that transportation is not provided for.  If the age waiver is needed for medical reasons, we must have a letter from a physician explaining the illness or verifying the need for regularly scheduled appointments.  If the age waiver is for work, we must have a letter from the employer verifying employment.  Also, we must have a letter from an adult outside of the family who knows of the hardship and will state that the minor is mature enough to accept the responsibility of driving without an adult.
For additional information contact your local Driver Control office, or Little Rock Driver Control at 501-682-1631.

License Problems

DUI, DWI, Court Orders, Violations 
Upon arrest a law enforcement officer will give the person an Official Driver’s License Receipt and Notice of Suspension/Revocation of Driving Privilege.  The law enforcement officer will take the driver’s license.  The Notice will also allow the person to drive for the next thirty days (if they have a valid license). The Notice will inform the person that they have seven days to request an administrative hearing to determine if they were driving while intoxicated, or registered a .08% BAC, or refused the BAC test.  Also, the Notice gives instructions to the licensee to contact Driver Control, or request a hearing to determine their eligibility for an interlock restricted license, or a restricted permit.  If at the hearing, the person is found to have been driving while intoxicated, or registered a BAC .08%, or refused the BAC test the driver’s license will be suspended for 6 months for 1st offense DWI, and/or 180 days for 1st offense Refuse Test.  Suspension for 2 years for a 2nd offense within 5 years, suspension for 30 months for 3rd offense within 5 years, and revocation for 4 years for 4th offense DWI within 5 years.  Permanent revocation for a 4th offense of Refuse Test within 5 years.

Prior to reinstatement a person must have completed an approved drug and alcohol education or treatment program for each DWI/Refusal offense on the person’s record, and must pay a reinstatement fee of $150.00 per offense.  Interlock restriction required for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd offense DWI alcohol for a period equal to the suspension time.

Offenses that occur in a motorboat will carry the same penalties as if the offense occurred in a motor vehicle.