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State and Public School Life and Health Insurance Board  

 Act 48 of 1972 (Extraordinary Session), as amended, established the State Employee’s Insurance, as an Office of the Arkansas State Government, for the purpose of providing health and life insurance benefits to employees of the State of Arkansas. This Act also provided for a ten (10) member State Employees Insurance Advisory Committee to establish policies for the management of the insurance programs. Act 1206 of 1995 abolished the State Employees Advisory Committee and the Public School Insurance Advisory Committee (established by Act 834 of 1977) effective July 1, 1995. This Act transferred all rights, powers and duties of the Board, known after the passage of the Act as the State and Public School Health and Life Insurance Board, consisting of ten (10) members. Act 1446 of 2003 added two (2) ex officio members, bringing total voting membership to twelve (12).

The Acts referenced above outline specific qualifications for the people that serve on the board. The 2011-2012 board consists of the following members in the following positions:

  • A state employee to be appointed by the Governor - Katrina Burnett;
  • A certified classroom teacher to be appointed by the Governor - Kelly Chaney;
  • The Insurance Commissioner or his or her designee - Bob Alexander;
  • The Director of the Department of Education or his or her designee - J. Mark White;
  • The Director of the Department of Finance and Administration or his or her designee - Carla Wooley;
  • One (1) member who is engaged in employee benefits management or risk management in private industry to be appointed by the Governor - Dr. Andrew Kumpuris;
  • One (1) additional member position which shall be filled alternately by a retired teacher and by a retired state employee appointed by the Governor. This position shall first be filled by a retired teacher for a term of four (4) years, then by a retired state employee for a term of four (4) years, and four-year terms thereafter shall be alternated between a retired teacher and a retired state employee - Janis Harrison; Lloyd W Black;
  • One (1) public school administrator to be appointed by the Governor - Shawn Cook;
  • The Executive Director of the Arkansas State Board of Pharmacy or his or her state employee pharmacist designee - John Kirtley;
  • The Director of Health Facility Services of the Department of Health or his or her designee - Renee’ Mallory;
  • One (1) member who is a licensed health care provider appointed by the Governor - Dr. Joe Thompson;




Coby Logan

Katrina Burnett
(Department of Information Systems, DIS)

Kelly Chaney
(Teacher, Cabot High School)



 Bob Alexander

Bob Alexander
(State Insurance Board)

J. Mark White

J. Mark White
(Staff Attorney, Dept. of Education)



Janis Harrison

Janis Harrison
(Retired State Employee from the Dept. of Finance and Administration)

Andrew Kumpuris, MD

Andrew Kumpuris, MD
(Cardiovascular Disease and Internal Medicine - Heart Clinic Hospital)



Carla Wooley

Carla Wooley
(Department of Finance and Administration -
Office of Administrative Services)

Lloyd W Black

Lloyd W Black
(Retired Public School employee and Legislative Chair/AR Retired Teachers Association)



 Shawn Cook

  Shawn Cook
(Superintendent, Lakeside School District)

John Kirtley

John Kirtley
Vice Chairman of the Board
(Assistant Director of the Arkansas
State Board of Pharmacy)



Renee Mallory

Chair of the Board
Renee' Mallory
(Service Unit Leader, Health Systems in Statewide Services)

Joe Thompson, MD

Dr. Joe Thompson, MD, M.P.H., of (UAMS)
Arkansas Surgeon General
Director of the Arkansas Center for Health Improvement (ACHI)   


The board was established to set policy and to select plans and coverages for the state and public school personnel health insurance, life insurance and self-funded medical programs, as to enhance the ability to control premiums, expand health care options, and utilize managed care capabilities where feasible and in the best interest of state and public school employees. They are also to propose future goals and measures to address the common objectives of both groups, including improving quality of health care services under the program, increasing participants’ understanding of the program features, and slowing the rate of growth in health care expenses under the program. The board meets monthly and has established several sub-committees to propose, investigate and review policy or plan changes and to make recommendations to the board.