12.0 Operations of Electronic Games of Skill 

 12.1 Authorized Facilities
(a) The operation of Electronic Games of Skill is permitted at Licensed Pari-Mutuel Racetracks in the State of Arkansas in accordance with Act 1151 of 2005 and these regulations.

12.2 Persons Authorized to Conduct the Operation of Electronic Games of Skill
(a) No one other than the Franchise Holder and its employees (and patrons playing the game) may operate the electronic games of skill. The games may not be located in a place other than the grounds of the Franchise Holder’s facility, as approved by the Commission.

(b) Key Licensee employees shall not engage in any electronic games of skill wagering activity within the EGS gaming area of the Franchise Holder with which they are employed at any time. Other employees may not engage in any EGS wagering activity within the Franchise they are employed during their work schedule.