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Arkansas eFile 

Welcome to the Arkansas eFile homepage. Our goal is to provide you with information for electronically filing an Arkansas tax return for Individual Income Tax, Partnership, Corporate, S-Corporate, and Fiduciary.

Modernized e-File
Arkansas is accepting Modernized e-File (MeF) for: Individual, Corporate, S-Corporate, Partnership and Fiduciary Income Tax returns, corresponding forms and schedules.  See the “Tax Professionals” section for Publications.

Additional Information Required for e-File
The State of Arkansas is requesting additional information this filing season in an effort to combat stolen--identity tax fraud and ensure that your hard-earned tax refund goes to you. Please provide the requested information from your driver's license or state-issued identification card. Your return will not be rejected if you do not have a driver's license or state-issued identification, but providing the information could help process your return quicker.

Important Information for Taxpayers using Online Web Providers to eFile for State Filing 
If you choose to electronically file your State of Arkansas tax return by using one of the online web providers, you are required to complete the form AR8453-OL.  Effective tax year 2011, the completed AR8453-OL along with the AR1000F or AR1000NR any W-2's or schedules are to be kept in your files.  If claiming the credit for: Individuals with Developmental Disabilities Credit or Other State Tax Credit please click here

1099 Refund ID Number
Some tax preparation software applications require the ID number of the payor for State of Arkansas Income Tax Refunds to be entered.  This ID number is: 71-6014466.