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ASC Help Desk 

The AASIS Service Center (ASC) provides ongoing support to users of the Arkansas Administrative Statewide Information System (AASIS).

The AASIS Help Desk, an important component of the AASIS Service Center, provides a centralized location for AASIS users seeking support and assistance and is the only intake point for all support calls from AASIS users.

For improved customer services, AASIS users making direct contact with the AASIS Functional or Technical teams are referred to the AASIS Help Desk.

It’s as simple as this:  if you need assistance with an AASIS-related problem or question, call 501-683-2255 or complete the AASIS Help Desk Request Form.  Most of the requests for assistance received by the AASIS Help Desk are resolved at the Help Desk.  All others are promptly assigned to a subject matter expert knowledgeable in the specific AASIS functional area of concern to you. 

The AASIS Help Desk is the only intake point for all support calls from users of AASIS and the EZ Arkansas Portal.  We support all automated interfaces between AASIS and other user agency and reporting agency administrative systems, including inbound and outbound interfaces and troubleshooting for interface development.

In order to coordinate our customer support activities more efficiently, AASIS employees who receive technical assistance requests that have yet to be registered through the Help Desk must first refer those requests to the Help Desk.  At that time, you will receive the help ticket number requested by the subject matter expert assigned to assist you.

Password Resets
Password resets are the most common requests made by callers to the Help Desk.  Prior to phoning the Help Desk with a password reset request (written requests cannot be accepted), be prepared to provide your logon ID.  Although your logon ID is not issued by the Help Desk, it must be confirmed for password resets.  After you provide the necessary information, you will receive a default password that allows you temporary access to AASIS.  At that time, AASIS will prompt you to change the password to one known only by you. 

The new password you choose will be case-sensitive and must comply with the following prohibitions:

• No personnel info traceable to your personnel file, i.e., name, spouse and dependents names, addresses and SSN. 
• No dates in any format.  Days of the week, months of the year and year dates.
• No symbols and special characters, i.e, @, $.
• No sequential or consecutive alpha and numeric characters, such as ABC, AAA, 123, and 111.

If a system prompt offers to save your AASIS password on your computer, decline the opportunity.  This Windows feature is incompatible with SAP software.

New AASIS users must contact the Help Desk by phone the first time, and nobody may contact the Help Desk on behalf of another user.   When any user attempts to obtain the password of another, both are locked out of AASIS and reported to the employees’ supervisors. 

Additional information about these password-related topics is available on the ASC Security page. 

AASIS Help Desk Operations

Level one duties handled by the AASIS Help Desk include

• Accepting all calls from AASIS users
• Logging each call into the Help Desk database
• Assigning a priority level to each call
• Resolving the problem at the Help Desk when possible
• Assigning the problem to the correct level two resources when the problem cannot be resolved at the Help Desk.

Level two support is provided by specialized teams with particular expertise in human resources, financial management, materials management, and technical support.

The AASIS Service Center monitors all outstanding problem logs to help ensure timely problem resolutions. Hours of operation for the AASIS Help Desk are from 7:30am to 4:30pm, Monday through Friday.