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AnnouncementBudget Transactions Change Beginning With FY 2012

For all fiscal years beginning with FY 2012, transactions to park all budget transfers, to change parked budget documents, and to cancel parked documents will be combined into one transaction. This means transaction FR69 will no longer be used to park budget transfers after FY 2011. The new transaction FMBB (Budget Workbench) is very similar to formerly used budget transactions, but you should familiarize yourself with the new process by viewing the Transfer Budget (FMBB) tutorial linked below.


Things you should know


·         Additional budget transaction codes will also change with FY 2012, although the processes remain the same.  A crosswalk of the new codes is available at the link provided below.

·         In order to view budget documents created in FMBB, use transaction FMEDD (Display Entry Document).

·         The new field Grant will be visible in the transaction FMBB line item.  Upon entry, this field will automatically populate with 99999.  No action is required when completing the transaction.

·         The transaction code for the “46” Available Budget Report for FY 2012 and beyond will be Y_BCS_80000046.  The Y_DEV_80000046 will still be available for years prior to FY 2012.

·         If you have set up user variants for the Y_DEV version of the “46” report, you’ll have to re-create them for the Y_BCS version.


More information is available on the web.


·         Transfer Budget (FMBB) is a tutorial about how to park a budget transfer.

·         Budget Transaction Crosswalk is a link to the crosswalk for budget transaction codes from FY 2011 to FY 2012

·         New 46 Report is a tutorial about how to select and download the FY 2012 version of the Available Budget Report.

·         FMEDDW Budget Document List is a tutorial about how to get a list of parked budget documents.

·         FMEDD Display Budget Document is a tutorial about how to view a parked budget document.

·         Budget Reports Crosswalk 2012 is the crosswalk for budget reporting transaction codes from FY 2011 to FY2012.


As with other online tutorials, a drop-down window on the upper left of the screen offers the option of quick reference directions or a simulation of the transaction.