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AnnouncementFY 2012 Brings New Budget Availability Report

Beginning July 1, 2011, transaction Y_BCS_80000046 (Available Budget) will be the option for viewing budget availability.  When selecting this new report, remember to enter data in the or value fields below the Fund, Funds Center, and Commitment Item fields.  The new report will allow you to scroll forward to the available budget column rather than going to another screen.  It will also have double-click drill-down capability to line items rather than going through the menu bar.


Things you should know


·         The “46” report produced by transaction Y_DEV_80000046 will still be used to view budgets for fiscal years prior to FY 2012.  Variant data from the Y_DEV_80000046 report will remain available for display.

·         If you need user variants, you can also create them in the Y_BCS_80000046 report. 

·         Additional budget reporting transaction codes will also change with FY 2012. See Budget Reports Crosswalk 2012 for more information.

·         The new field Grant will appear in many financial transactions and reports.  This field automatically populates with 99999 upon entry, and no action is required in order to complete the transaction.


The web tutorial New 46 Report provides directions for new Budget Availability Report.  As with other online tutorials, a drop-down window on the upper left of the screen offers a choice between quick reference directions and a simulation of the transaction.