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AnnouncementGarnishments Come Into Compliance

Garnishment of an employee's wages provides for satisfaction of debt, regardless of whether that debt stems from ongoing child or spousal support, a tax levy, a creditor, a bankruptcy arrangement, or any of a number of other causes.  Recent updates to AASIS have made garnishments compliant with State and Federal laws.  In some instances, these compliance measures have affected the portion of an employee's check that is subject to garnishment and, thus, the amount withheld from the employee's check. 


Although only four state agencies presently use AASIS to manage garnishments, those who instead send their garnishment orders to OPM for entry also can benefit from a basic understanding of garnishment-related issues when they communicate about this topic with their employees.


Because these garnishment-related determinations can be somewhat complicated, the web document Bringing Garnishments into Compliance offers detailed information about these changes.  It also explains how you can verify the correct deductions in the payroll results, during payroll simulation, and after payroll has run.


For AASIS users who actually create infotypes 0194 (Garnishment Document) and 0195 (Garnishment Order), five tutorials demonstrate the correct procedures for each type of garnishment.


·         Child/Spousal Support Garnishment with Escrow

·         Create Garnishment for Creditor

·         Create Garnishment for Federal Tax Levy

·         Create Garnishment for Voluntary/Bankruptcy

·         Release Child Support Escrow to Garnishment Order