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AnnouncementAASIS Communications to be Addressed According to Recipients' User Roles

The AASIS Service Center is implementing a more efficient way of targeting these communications to those AASIS users who can make the most effective use of the information provided.  This is a significant improvement from past practice, when AASIS users interested in receiving AASIS communications were asked to subscribe online to broad categories of interest, such as finance, material management, training, and so on.  While that process supported the purpose of providing valuable information to those who needed it, the broadness of the subscription categories meant that AASIS users were also receiving information that didn’t really pertain to their individual duties. 


The replacement of the former subscription system with a role-based system removes that problem.


Effective immediately, AASIS communications will be addressed to all AASIS users whose duty role assignments indicate they will be directly affected by the information provided in the communication.  No longer is it necessary to subscribe and unsubscribe according to your interests, because your user role assignment, coupled with the email address you have probably already provided to AASIS, takes care of this automatically. 


Although your agency’s human resources staff can assist you, you can independently take the following steps to ensure that your valid email has been saved in AASIS. 


1.    Run transaction ZUSERINFO (SAP user information update).

2.    Enter your correct email address in the Work Email field.

3.    Click the Save and Close button.


Periodically, AASIS will remind you to confirm your email address by following these same steps.