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AnnouncementStreamlining of New Hire and Rehire Actions

A range of improvements to the hire action (ZF) in transaction PA40 (Actions) helps to ensure correct entries and reduces the number of required screens, thereby streamlining new-hire and rehire actions.  Automated enhancements also reduce further the manual entries required for certain infotype screens.  Infotypes and actions benefiting from these improvements include the following:


·         New hires and rehires no longer require completion of the following infotype screens: 


Other/Previous Employers (IT0023)

Family Member/Dependent (IT0021)

Communication (IT0105)

Residence Status (IT0094)


·         The following infotype records for all new hires and rehires are created automatically:  


Work Tax Area (IT0208) with the tax area set to Arkansas

Unemployment State (IT0209) with the tax authority set to Arkansas


The below-listed infotype screens have been modified as described: 


·         Monitoring Tasks (IT0019)


Monitoring Tasks no longer prompts end-users to capture other monitoring tasks after requesting the end-of-probation information.


·         Bank Details (IT0009)


The Bank Details Type field defaults to the employee's main bank, and the Payment Method field defaults to direct deposit.  These fields are no longer modifiable during the hire and rehire actions.  Changes to the Payment Method field for warrant payments can be made by the Department of Finance and Administration’s Office of Personnel Management (DFA-OPM).


·         Addresses (IT0006)


The order of presentation of the address types Business address and Permanent residence has been switched, so the Permanent residence type now appears before the Business address type.   The Address type field defaults to the permanent residence and business address during the PA40 hire and rehire actions.


·         Withholding Info W4/W5 US (IT0210)


The EIC status field in W-5 filling status can no longer be modified due to tax changes.


·         Addresses (IT0006)


The following address types are no longer allowed:


Address Type Code

Address Type Text




Temporary residence


Home address


Emergency address


Mailing address


Secondary business address


Paycheck location


All infotype screens presented during the new hire and rehire actions are required in order to complete the action, so it is important to complete and save every infotype screen, skipping none.


If needed, maintenance on infotypes via transaction PA30 (Maintain Master Data) is possible for infotypes no longer displayed during a new hire or rehire action.