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AnnouncementFast Entry Rehire

The creation of a Fast Entry Rehire screen streamlines the rehire action by reducing the number of screens required to complete the action.  These enhancements expedite the Rehire Action (Z1) process by combining infotype screens into two screens with defaulted values and automated entries.  Accessible via transaction PA42 (Fast Entry Actions), the Fast Entry Rehire screen also logically groups and models data fields from the existing employee master data form in order to reduce processing time and manual entries. 


Except for IT0008 (Basic Pay), the Fast Entry Rehire screen includes all infotypes required to complete the rehire action.  After all required fields on the Fast Entry Rehire screen are saved, the Basic Pay screen opens, allowing you to enter and save all required fields on the IT0008 (Basic Pay) record. 


In addition to reducing the number of screens, the Fast Entry Rehire screen also calculates and populates the career service and leave accrual dates.


In a later release, the Fast Entry Rehire screen will include IT0008 (Basic Pay) fields with all the salary edits for a fast entry rehire.  This later release will also include the new version of the Fast Entry New Hire screen.  This screen will appear similar to the Fast Entry Rehire screen, including all of the same features, functions, and automations.


The web document Rehire Fast Entry offers additional information about these modifications.