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AnnouncementIntroducing AASIS Training Online
If you are like many others, you recognize that additional AASIS training can help you to be more effective at your job, but making available the time and resources required for travel to Little Rock can be a challenge in itself.  If this describes your situation, here is some good news. 
The AASIS Service Center is now offering its first of many web-based classes:  AASIS Overview and Basic Navigation I. 
Here is how to access current and future web-based courses:  
  1. Log into Employee Self-Service.
  2. Select the Learning tab.
  3. Select Arkansas State Employee Training Program from the Course Catalog section on the left side of the screen.  
  4. Select AASIS Training under the Assigned Subject Areas section.  
  5. Select AASIS New Users under the Assigned Subject Areas section.
  6. Select AASIS Overview and Basic Navigation under the Assigned Subject Areas section.
  7. Look under Assigned Subject Areas for 01 Overview and Basic Navigation. It will say Static Web-Based Training under the Delivery Method column.
  8. Choose 01 Overview and Basic Navigation to access the course.
After you complete the course and the knowledge check review to your satisfaction, you are ready to launch the certification process.  In order to do so, return to the point of the portal where you launched the course and click on the certification activity that accompanies the course you have completed.  For the above example, “01 Overview Certification Activity” is the correct selection for certifying successful completion of the AASIS Overview and Basic Navigation course.
Things you should know
  • You can review the course itself as many times as you wish, but you have only three opportunities to complete the certification successfully.  
  • The course and the certification process provide more complete instructions as needed.  
  • More online course offerings are in the works, so please watch for future announcements.