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AnnouncementTax I.D. Required for Vendor Master Data and One-Time Vendor-Payment Transactions

Effective January 23, 2012, preparations for compliance with the Arkansas Financial Transparency Act will require a taxpayer I.D. for one-time vendor transactions and for the creation of vendor master data.  This means that the absence of a payee tax I.D. in online transactions and in incoming BSEG files for one-time vendor payments will produce an error that prevents the document from being parked or posted. 


Beginning the same date, a tax I.D. will be required for most new vendor master records created either online or through batch processes.  Exceptions to this requirement are limited to employee vendors, CRIS vendors, and foreign vendors.  For one-time vendor payments that do not require the payee tax I.D., agencies will receive specific handling and formatting instructions from the Department of Finance and Administration’s Office of Accounting.


In order to complete both actions described above, the user will be required to enter information in one of these two fields:  Tax Number 1 or Tax Number 2.  The Tax Number 1 field accepts a social security number (SSN), and the Tax Number 2 field accepts an employer identification number (EIN).  Once the required information has been entered in one of the two fields, the other field should be left blank.