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AnnouncementSimplified Fast-Entry Hire and Rehire Actions

The AASIS Service Center is working on a number of initiatives designed to simplify certain transactions in AASIS.  In transaction PA42 (Fast Entry Actions), new improvements to Hire (ZF) and Rehire (Z1) actions significantly reduce the number of screens and amount of time required  to complete these actions.  Accessible through transaction PA42 (Fast Entry Actions), these enhancements dramatically simplify the hire and rehire processes by


·         Combining multiple screens into one screen with defaulted values and automated entries

·         Reducing the number of manual entries required for certain infotype screens

·         Using automation to prevent incorrect entries from being accepted when entered

·         Modeling the Fast Entry Hire and Rehire screen after the logical groups and data fields found in the employee master data form.


The Fast Entry Hire and Rehire screens include all infotypes and fields required  to complete these actions.  All infotype screens presented during the new hire and rehire actions must be completed in order to process and save the action.  No action can be completed and saved if a required field is skipped. 


Things you should know


·         This method should not be used for board or commission members.  Please continue to use transaction PA40 for these members.

  • For 7K exempt employees, please change the default selection of Sunday-to-Saturday to the appropriate selection:  7K working week.

·         In addition to reducing the number of screens, the Fast Entry Hire and Rehire screens also include functions, features, edits, and automations needed to ensure entries are correct before the action is processed. 

·         If presented with additional screens after executing transaction PA42, do not skip the screens.  Instead, click on the Save icon.

·         Fields that are not displayed during a new hire or rehire action can be maintained via the PA30 transaction.


The online documents New Hire Fast Entry (PA42) and Rehire Fast Entry (PA42) provide additional information about these topics.