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AnnouncementNew Transaction Displays Shift Differential Information

The new transaction ZDSP_SHIFT_DIFF_ELIG (Display Shift and Differential Eligibility Tables) displays the ZHCM_SHIFT_ELIG or ZHCM_DIFF_ELIG tables maintained by the Office of Personnel Management (OPM).  This means, for example, that users can display the ZHCM_SHIFT_ELIG table to determine whether a certain employee is eligible for evening, night, on-call, or weekend pay.  Similarly, users can display the ZHCM_DIFF_ELIG table to determine whether an employee has been set up for relevant compensation wage types.


Things you should know


·         Completion of the Business Area field is required. 

·         Users must choose either the Shift Eligible table or the Differential Eligible table. 

·         Searches can be performed by personnel area, job code, position number, and wage type.

·         This report is display-only.  If the information is incorrect, contact OPM for instructions.

·         Users can change the layout of this report and download it to Microsoft Excel.


Viewable in ALV grid, the output report displays business area, personnel area, job code, position, wage type, wage type text, start date, end date, percent, changed on date, and changed by date for employees who are eligible for compensation differential pay.  Along with start time and end time, all of these are also displayed as output for shift eligibility.