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AnnouncementTime Approval Course Available Online

Accurate time approval is the critical second step in a successful payroll process.  Because this function is performed in diverse locations by a large number of employees across the state, the AASIS Service Center continues to develop and offer online courses designed specifically for human resources users, including the below series of courses: 


·         10 Time Approval

·         11 Time Approval Reports


Successful completion of the certification process for these courses fully prepares you for the more detailed Time and Leave Administration class.


Here is how to find these online courses.


1.    Log in to Employee Self Service.

2.    Select the Learning tab.

3.    Select Arkansas State Employee Training Program from the Course Catalog section on the left side of the screen.

4.    Select AASIS Training under the Assigned Subject Areas section.

5.    Select Human Capital Management (HCM).

6.    Scroll down to Assigned Subject Areas and click on Time Management.

7.    Choose Time Recording and Approval from the Assigned Subject Areas list.

8.    Under Assigned Courses, find the Static Web-Based Training courses listed with the instructor-led classes.

9.    Click on 10 Time Approval to begin the first class in the series.


After reviewing each course as often as you wish, you can complete each course’s certification activity by returning to the point where you launched the course.  For example, choose 10 Time Approval Certification after you have finished the 10 Time Approval course. 


Before enrolling, be sure you have been certified in AASIS Overview and Basic Navigation I (AOBNI) within the past three years. You can meet this prerequisite by taking either the online or the instructor-led AOBNI course.


Things you should know


·         You may review these courses as often as you wish, but you have only three opportunities to take the online certification for each one. 

·         More complete instructions are provided in each course and in each certification activity. 

·         Additional online courses are currently under development.