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AnnouncementAASIS Overview and Basic Navigation II Course Available Online

Navigating the AASIS system is critical for every AASIS user.  To help you become a more effective AASIS user, we have developed a series of courses that are available online or in the classroom.  We are now offering AASIS Overview and Basic Navigation II (AOBN II) as an online course.  AOBN II can help you master AASIS system tools and increase your ability to get more out of AASIS.  Topics we discuss in this class include:     


·         AASIS Help and formatting options

·         Business workplace and workflow functions  

·         System customizations and modifications

·         Advanced reporting techniques

·         Additional tips and tricks


Before enrolling, make sure you have been certified in AOBN I within the past three years.  You can take that course online or in the classroom.  Passing the AOBN I certification is a prerequisite to all other AASIS training.  Before taking AOBN II, we recommend that you have at least three months experience practicing the skills you acquired in AOBN I. 


Here is how to find the AASIS Overview and Basic Navigation II online course:


1.    Log in to Employee Self Service.

2.    Select the Learning tab.

3.    Select Arkansas State Employee Training Program from the Course Catalog section on the left side of the screen.

4.    Select AASIS Training under the Assigned Subject Areas section.

5.    Select AASIS New User.

6.    Scroll down to Assigned Subject Areas and click on AASIS Overview and Basic Navigation II.

7.    Under Assigned Courses, click on AASIS Overview and Basic Navigation II, Static Web-Based Training delivery method.

8.    Click Start Course Now to launch the course.


After reviewing the AOBN II course, you can complete the certification activity by returning to the point where you launched the course.   Be sure to include your name and personnel number in order to receive credit for the certification.


Things you should know


·         You may review these courses as often as you wish, but you have only three opportunities to take the online certification.

More detailed instructions are provided in the course and certification activity.