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AnnouncementPurchase Order Process Course Now Online
Here is your opportunity to learn the purchase order process without leaving your office. 
The Materials Management Purchase Order series of courses demonstrates the process to procure goods and services with a purchase order when you are paying for those goods or services through transaction MIRO (Logistics Invoice Verification).  Divided into a series of five online courses, these courses are designed for those seeking to increase their knowledge and to certify their skills.  The courses are:
• 01 Purchase Order Process Overview
• 02 Create Purchase Order Standard
• 03 Purchase Order Revise and Customize
• 04 Purchase Order Reconciliation and Reporting
• 05 Create Purchase Order Simplified
If you have attended the instructor-led 00 Purchase Order Process course, you may choose to take the 05 Create Purchase Order Simplified course only.  The purpose of the 05 Create Purchase Order Simplified course is to learn about the new simplified method to create purchase orders.
Here is how you can find the purchase order courses online:
1. Log in to Employee Self Service.
2. Select the Learning tab.
3. Select Arkansas State Employee Training Program from the Course Catalog section on the left side of the screen.
4. Select AASIS Training under the Assigned Subject Areas section.
5. Select Materials Management (MM).
6. Scroll down to Assigned Subject Areas and click on Procurement.
7. Choose Purchase Order Process under the Subject Areas list.
8. Under Assigned Courses, find the Static Web-Based Training courses.
9. Select 01 Purchase Order Process Overview or select 05 Create Purchase Order Simplified course if you have taken the instructor-led course or once you have taken the four parts of the Purchase Order On-line course.
10. Scroll down and click on Book this course.
11. Click on Start Course Now to launch the course.
A certification activity follows each course.  After reviewing the each course, you can complete the certification activity by returning to the point where you launched the course.   Be sure to include your name and personnel number in order to receive credit for the certification. You have only three chances to complete successfully the on-line course certifications.
The prerequisite course AASIS Overview and Basic Navigation I (AOBN I) is also available online under AASIS Training/New Users.