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AnnouncementGet AASIS Help Without Leaving Your Desk
The AASIS Service Center (ASC) has many forms of training to enhance your AASIS experience. If you need help while you’re in the middle of an AASIS transaction, you can receive instruction by accessing AASIS Help.  It’s like having an instructor at your desk.  AASIS Help provides quick, convenient information to help you solve problems faster and work more efficiently.  
You can open AASIS Help from the main SAP menu or through any transaction.  From the menu bar, select Help and follow the drop down menu until you see AASIS Help.  Click and begin your search.
A SAP Gui Security box will appear and ask if you want to grant access to this file. Click the drop-down menu and select “Allow this one time.” Click Ok.
AASIS Help will take the user to uPerform where your search results will appear.
AASIS Help is searchable using keywords or transaction codes. You may also search for a help file using the advance search, where you enter your terms to look for other help files. 
If a search provides a single help file, the file will open in a separate window.  If the search provides multiple help files, a list will appear.  Choose the help file that most closely addresses your topic.  After you select a file, it will open in a separate window.
AASIS Help is an evolving function. Not all transactions presently have help files, but ASC is working to fill in these gaps.