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AnnouncementShared Leave Webinar Materials Are Now Available

If you missed the recent Shared Leave Webinars, you can still review the materials. We shared a variety of documents during the webinar.  Follow the links below for more information.


Participation in the Shared Leave Program (established through Act 997 of 2013) is available in AASIS.  Shared Leave is the donation of an employee’s earned sick or annual leave to another employee who is employed in the same Business Area.  Shared Leave must be approved in writing and employee eligibility must be met prior to donating the employee’s leave in AASIS.


Shared Leave is similar to the Catastrophic Leave process currently in AASIS. For Shared Leave, you will use transaction PA61 (Maintain Time Data) to access Infotype 0696 (Absence Pools), which establishes the CAT Pool relationship for the Donor, and Infotype 0613 (Absence Donation Administration US), which establishes the donation of accrued leave to the Recipient. Infotype 0613 is modified to include the Employee option.

·         Step-by-step- instructions are available from AASIS Help when you use PA61.

·         The Powerpoint presentation used during the Webinar is located here:

·         You can find help by going to and following this menu path:

·         ASC Training > Human Capital Management > Agency Payroll > Award Shared Leave (PA61) > Award Shared Leave (PA61).

·         Read this prior Shared Leave communication.

·         The OPM Shared Leave Policy can be found at:


The AASIS Training webinar also included pointers on how to eliminate missed emails, how to reset passwords without contacting the Help Desk, and how to use AASIS Help while in AASIS transactions.