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AnnouncementImportant Information Regarding Transaction Code PA40

The position field on the Organizational Assignment screen is now locked and no entry is allowed.  To ensure position default information is updated correctly, the position may only be entered or changed on the Action screen.


Certain action types in transaction code PA40 will produce an error message if the user does not change the default position or the default position has not been cross-graded, downgraded or restored.


When the end-user attempts to save the Organizational Assignment screen while performing certain PA40 actions without changing the default position or the default position is not cross-graded, downgraded or restored, the system will generate the error message: “Position Entered is Not Correct. Re-Key Action or contact your OPM Analyst.”


This error message will appear when working with the following Action Types:


·         Z1  Rehire

·         Z3  Transfer

·         Z6   Re-employment of Retiree

·         ZU   Promotion/Demotion

·         YC   Rehire Board/Comm Mbr

If an end-user receives this error message at the bottom of the screen, he/she must exit the action and start over using the correct position number. If the position number is unknown or should be cross-graded, downgraded or restored, the end-user must contact the appropriate OPM Class and Compensation analyst for the correct information before continuing.


When restarting the PA40 action, after keying the correct position and saving the action screen, the end-user is presented with an informational message: “Record is not saved. Identical record already exists.” The user should click the green check and continue to the next screen.