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AnnouncementVisionCare Records Should Be Recorded Using Infotype 0377 (Miscellaneous Plans) Effectove 12-22-13

What is changing?


Effective December 22, 2013, all VisionCare records will be keyed in Infotype 0377 Miscellaneous Plans.  Agencies will no longer enter VisionCare records in Infotype 0014 Recurring Payments/Deductions.


The new VisionCare plans in IT0377 will be labeled VIS1 ARBENEFITS Vision ASE (Arkansas State Employees) and VIS2 ARBENEFITS Vision G&F (Game and Fish Employees).  VisionCare wage types will remain the same.  (VIS1 wage types are 2572 pre-tax and 2573 after tax. VIS2 wage types are 2681 pre-tax and 2682 after tax).


Service Bureau agencies will need to send VisionCare information received from H&H Employee Benefits Specialists to EBD so they can enter it into IT0377.


What happens to current records?


By December 28th, AASIS Service Center (ASC) will convert ARBENEFITS VisionCare records to IT0377 by taking these steps:

                ASC will automatically create new IT0337 records using existing IT0014 records.

                ASC will end IT0014 records that have a start date prior to 12/22/2013.


What does agency personnel need to do?


If you have not ended an  IT0014 record for employees who did not  enroll in VisionCare for plan year 2014, you will need to delete their record from IT0377 before payroll runs for pay period 1 2014.


To create an ARBENEFITS VisionCare record in IT0377:

·         Use transaction code PA30

·         Enter the employee’s personnel number

·         Select Infotype 0377 Miscellaneous Plans and select Create icon.


If the Benefit Plan information box pops-up, double click on the plan VIS1 or VIS2.  If this box does not appear, go to the next step.

·         Enter the pay period start date the deduction should begin or the coverage effective date.


                Pay period start date for pay period 1 2014 is 12/22/2013. The coverage effective date is 1/1/2014. Since both dates are in pay period 1 2014, a deduction will be taken when payroll runs for pay period 1 2014.

·         Enter VIS1 or VIS2 in the Benefit plan field or select from the drop-down list.

·         Select the Regular contr. tab and enter the bi-weekly pre-tax contribution amount.

If the employee chose to have post tax deductions, enter the bi-weekly post-tax contribution amount and check the box for Start post-tax contributions immediately.

·         Select Enter and Save the record.

Agency personnel with the Agency Employee Benefits Specialist role will be able to create, copy, change, or delete an IT0377 ARBENEFITS VisionCare record.