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AnnouncementMaterial Master Resources

The AASIS Service Center has developed a number of materials that can help you find vendor and material information in the AASIS system.  Below are links to two (2) resources that could help with a Material Master search.


Researching Vendor and Material Master Records

This PowerPoint describes working with both Vendor Master data and Material Master data and provides a variety of search options for both types of records.  If you’re only interested in Materials, skip ahead to slide 28.


Locate a Material Using ME21N

This is a link to a series of documents that will help you search for materials for ME21N, the transaction to create purchase orders.  When you click this link, you will see a Quick Reference Guide.  If you click the drop-down box that appears in the upper right corner of the screen, you will find links to a number of other documents related to locating materials using ME21N.  The menu you will see includes:


  • Online Quick Reference - xhtml
  • Quick Reference - pdf
  • Tutorial – pdf
  • Simulation (HTML) – html
  • Checklist - pdf


(The simulation is a video that will show you exactly how to complete these steps). 


NOTE: The Locate a Material Using ME21N information can also be found if you are inside the AASIS system.  Click the Help button and look for AASIS Help.  If you’re using ME21N, you will find all documents related to ME21N as well as a search button that will allow you to search for any AASIS Help document.