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AnnouncementTake AASIS Time Management Courses From Your Desk
It can be difficult to attend training in the summertime, so we want to remind you that we have many classes available online for your convenience.  Time Management, Time Recording, Time Approval, and Time and Leave Administration are described below.
Time Management within AASIS covers all aspects of employee time. Processes include, but are not limited to, the five-step time-entry-to-payroll process, work schedule changes - temporary and long-term, and anything having to do with leave quota - entry on the time sheet, such as creating, changing, transferring, balance checks, etc.
Time Recording explains the basic key terms and processes for time entry. Participants learn the concepts of entering employee attendances and absences on the time sheet.
Time Approval explains the basic key terms and processes for approving time. Participants learn the concepts and steps of time approval.
Time and Leave Administration explains basic leave administration terms and the employee-leave process in AASIS. Participants learn about the leave process and leave administration's key integration points. In order to take the Time and Leave Administration course, participants must have completed,
depending on their job duties, one of the following:
• Instructor-led class of Time Recording and Time Approval
• Online course track of either Time Recording or Time Approval
Since security considerations prevent any one person from having both capabilities in AASIS, it is not necessary to receive both certifications. You should complete the track that pertains to your job.
However, it is always helpful for employees in each role to have an understanding of the other role’s function.
Online courses are available for employees who will be doing only time recording, or only time approval. These are presented in two different tracks:
• Start with 01 Time Recording Basics, if you want to be certified in Time Recording
• Start with 10 Time Approval, if you want to be certified in Time Approval.
After reviewing the online courses, you must take the corresponding certification to receive credit.
Reminder: AASIS Overview and Basic Navigation I (AOBN I) is a prerequisite for all other AASIS courses. You must have completed this course within the past three years before you will be allowed to register in another course. To meet this prerequisite, the AASIS Overview and Basic Navigation I (AOBN I) course is available to take online.  Find AOBN I under “AASIS New Users.”
To find these courses, go to at,   log in with your regular AASIS username and password, then click the Learning tab near the top of the next screen.
To find the Time Management courses, click on these links from the Learning tab: Course Catalog  > Arkansas State Employee Training Program > AASIS Training > Human Capital Management (HCM) > Time Management