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AnnouncementASC Training for August & September 2014
AASIS Overview and Basic Navigation I
August 14, 21, 26
September 10, 24
[AASIS Overview and Basic Navigation I is a prerequisite for any other AASIS class.  You may take the course in an instructor-led class or online.   If it has been more than three (3) years since you last took AASIS Overview and Basic Navigation I and were certified, you will need to be re-certified. ]
AASIS Overview and Basic Navigation II
August 14
September 25
Funds Management
August 26
September 9
Materials Management Requisitions
August 14, 26
September 3, 23
Materials Management The Purchase Order Process   (two day class)
August 19-20  
September 11-12
Time Recording and Approval    (two day class)
August 18-19  
September 3-4; 17-18  
September 30 – October 1  
Personnel Administration (two day class)
September 3-4
APERS Reporting (half day workshop)
September 9
Mark your calendar:
Payroll Fundamentals (two day class)
October 1-2

Register for any of these classes by going to  Log on with your AASIS user ID and password. (Obtain from your agency’s personnel representative). Click on the Learning tab to find the course catalog. Using the menu on the left side of the page, follow this menu path: Course Catalog > Arkansas State Employee Training Program > AASIS Training.  Each open AASIS class has a dedicated page with all the information you are likely to need.
For helpful hints about registering, review the online guide Navigating the Learning Tab, located at the Information link: