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AnnouncementTransaction MIRO: Tax Code Field in Item Layout Screen is Now Display Only

In transaction MIRO (Logistics Invoice Verification), the selection of an incorrect tax code in the MIRO line item creates a discrepancy between the purchase order and the MIRO invoice.  In order to prevent this discrepancy, the Tax Code field in the Item Layout screen in MIRO is now limited to display only.    


As a result, the user processing the MIRO will no longer be able to change the line item tax code derived from the original purchase order.  If the tax code on the MIRO needs to be changed, the accounts payable user must request two actions by the purchasing department:  1) reversal of the goods receipt and 2) correction of the tax code in the purchase order. 


The goods receipt must be reentered before the MIRO can be processed.


If the vendor submits an invoice with a tax code different from the tax code issued in the original purchase order, the tax code in the purchase order must be changed before the MIRO can be posted. 


In order to correct those MIRO invoices with incorrect tax codes that have already been posted in the system, take the following steps: 


1.    Reverse the invoice using transaction MR8M (Cancel Invoice Document) and clear it against the resulting reversal document using transaction F-44 (Clear Vendor),

2.    Back out the goods receipt document,

3.    Change the purchase order to reflect the correct tax code, and

4.    Repost the goods receipt and the MIRO invoice to the correct tax code.


For more detailed information about tax codes and their proper use in the purchase order, please refer to page 43 of the web manual AP Logistics Invoice Verification.