Announcements and System Alerts 

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11/7/2017Veteran’s Day Holiday Payment Run Schedule
11/3/2017Changes to Transactions ZVENDTAXID and ZVENDBANK
10/30/2017New FI/Payroll Posting Analysis, Error, and Available Budget Report
10/27/2017Revised Time and Leave Report Now Available
10/19/2017Human Resource Coding Guide Revisions
10/13/2017Default Work Schedule Changes
9/27/2017AASIS User Menu Updates
9/19/2017Earmarked Fund Field Added To Multiple Transactions
9/1/2017HSA/FSA Master Data Maintenance Now Restricted
8/11/2017Customer Evaluation Report (ZCEV) Improvements and Enhancements
6/28/2017AASIS Production: HR Roles Locked for Fiscal Year End Activities
6/28/2017Reminder: Certain Time Transactions Locked On June 30, 2017
6/16/2017AASIS Production: Fiscal Year End - Role Lock-out Schedule
6/7/2017New Payroll Expense and Vendor Posting Report – ZPYPOST
5/23/2017DFA AASIS Service Center Announcement - New General Ledger Account to Valuation Class Code Report
4/12/2017Maternity Leave Absence Codes Now Available For Eligible State Employees
3/24/2017Purchase Requisition Approval Improvements
3/9/2017Changes to Infotype 0613 (Absence Donation Administration US) and Infotype 0696 (Absence Pools)
3/9/2017Changes to the Employee Leave Use Report
2/24/2017Reminder: Vendor Performance Reporting
2/16/2017Holiday Payment Schedule
2/6/2017Accounts Payable - Agency Tips for Fiscal Year End Closing
12/30/2016HSA/FSA Conversion from WageWorks to DataPath
12/28/2016Reminder: Online W-2 Enrollment for 2016 Tax Year
12/9/2016Christmas & New Year’s Holiday Payment Run Schedule
11/18/2016Thanksgiving Holiday Payment Run Schedule
11/15/2016Cash Journal Report and Posting (ZBCJ) Business Area Authorization
10/23/2016ESS and W2s!
10/23/2016Transaction ZCATS_DA to Replace Transaction CATS_DA
10/20/2016Time Evaluation Messages No Longer Sent to Time Administrator's SAP Inbox
10/17/2016Changes to Transactions ME21N/ME22N and ME31K/ME32K - Material Fields
9/23/2016Open Enrollment Benefit Processing Dates for 2017
9/16/2016Additional 'Our Reference" Field Option in Procurement Documents
7/27/2016Update: Monitoring of Invalid Administrators Through Termination and Retirement Actions
7/22/2016Changes to FBV0 for PCARD/TCARD Vendor Documents
7/13/2016Improvements to Purchase Requisition Process
7/6/2016Organizational Management Integration to Personnel Administration Data
6/30/2016Reminder: Certain Time Transactions Locked on June 30, 2016
6/30/2016New Family Medical Sick Leave Codes Added to Sick Leave Liability Report (ZSIC)
6/30/2016Payroll Cost Distribution and Payroll Results Improvements
6/29/2016Important Fiscal Year-End Deadlines for Cash Receipts and Deposits
6/28/2016Monitoring of Invalid Administrators through Termination and Retirement Actions
6/24/2016Reminder: Requisition Approval Changes and New Requisition Approval Report
6/20/2016AASIS Production: Fiscal Year End - Role Lock-out Schedule
6/3/2016Accounts Payable - Agency Tips for Fiscal YE Closing
6/3/2016Requisition Approval Changes and New Requisition Approval Report
5/25/2016Fund Exclusion Update For Cash Journal Report and Posting (ZBCJ)
5/17/2016New Transaction PC00_MNA_CC_ADM (Cost Center Report – Administrator)
5/10/2016Addition of New Contract Description Field in Outline Agreement (OA)
4/21/2016Procurement Vendor and Delivery Address Lockdown
4/21/2016Accrual Engine Report Changes and New Accrual Engine Reports
4/14/2016Changes Made to Transactions for Direct Invoice, Direct Credit Memos, and MIRO Credit Memos
4/12/2016Additional Payment (IT0015) for Stipends Edit
4/1/2016Administrator Table Cleanup of Erroneous/Obsolete Records Reflected on IT0001 (Organizational Assignment)
3/24/2016Change to Leave Accrual Hours Displayed on the Remuneration Statement
3/22/2016AASIS Inbox Message Forwarding
3/22/2016New Transaction - ZHR_PAYROLL_CALENDAR
3/17/2016Transaction MEMASSRQ: Mass Maintenance - Purchase Requisition
3/16/2016All IT0014 (Recurring Payments/Deductions) Records Will Now Be Ended Through Workflow After Termination, Retirement, or Termination of Concurrent Employment Action
3/16/2016Changes to Transaction ZWARR_DETAIL Reporting for Payment Methods H, X, and T
2/25/2016New Family Medical Leave Absence Codes and Family Medical Leave Report Available
2/19/2016Changes to Transaction ME31K/ME32K - Renewal Status Field
2/9/2016Accounts Payable - Agency Tips for Fiscal YE Closing
2/3/2016New Transaction ZPRPOP (Print Purchase Requisition Document) Now Available
1/25/2016Garnishment Jurisdiction Codes
12/29/2015Time Evaluation Open Through January 3, 2016
12/21/2015Christmas And New Year’s Day Payment Run Schedule
12/17/2015Do's and Don'ts of Catastrophic Leave
12/10/2015Obsolete Purchasing Transactions
12/4/2015Update: Changes in Third-Party Vendor/Provider and Plans for Medical Expense/Dependent Care Flexible Spending / Health Savings Accounts
12/1/2015Gross Salary Report (ZSALEXP)
11/24/2015Updated ‘Our Reference’ Field Search Help (F4) Function
11/18/2015Washington National Cancer (Post-Tax) Wage Type Change
11/16/2015Medical Expense/Dependent Care Flexible Spending / Health Savings Accounts
10/9/2015New Voluntary Products and Wage Types for Plan Year 2016 Open Enrollment
7/31/2015Changes to Procurement Thresholds
7/31/2015Procurement Report Categories
7/31/2015Clarification of Procurement Processes - Using the Purchase Requisition
7/5/2015Total Projected Cost Required for Outline Agreements and Purchase Orders
7/1/2015Important Year-End Information For Timekeepers
6/30/2015Weekend Shift Automation
6/23/2015Instructions: Entering Accrual Engine Prepaids With A ‘Start of Life’ Date Of 7/1/2015 Or Greater
6/19/2015New PA-OM Transaction Code Z_EMPLOYMENTSTATS
6/19/2015AASIS Production: Fiscal Year End - Role Lock-out Schedule
6/11/2015AASIS Production Unavailable To All Users On June 20, 2015
6/11/2015AASIS Production: HCM Roles Will Be Locked During Fiscal Year-End Activities
5/27/2015Periodicity Change from Quarterly to Monthly for Actual Cost by Position Data
5/22/2015Changes to Transaction ZWARR_DETAIL
4/23/2015Payroll Simulation With ALV Output Update
4/23/2015Updates to Material Search Screen
4/3/2015APERS Earnings and Service Credit Report (ZAPERSEARNINGS)
4/2/2015New PA Report | ZMISSING_INFO (Missing Employee Information and Infotypes) Replaces ZPYUSR00002_A (Missing Infotype Report)
3/17/2015Changes to Transaction ZGLD (Document Header and Line Detail)
3/13/2015Automatic Payouts of Comp 1.5 (Quota 16) Will Now Read Additional Time ID Field to Determine Payment from Regular or Overtime Salaries
3/4/2015Accounts Payable - Agency Tips for Fiscal YE Closing
2/2/2015Changes to Transaction ZF_28 (Post Customer Payments)
2/2/2015Changes to Transaction ZBCJ (Deposit Slip Program)
12/29/2014Consolidation of Training Services - OPM and AASIS Training
12/12/2014Christmas and New Year’s Day Payment Run Schedule
12/10/2014Changes to Humana Vision and Reminder about IT0377 Miscellaneous Plans
12/4/2014Set Final Invoice Indicator When Subsequent Credit is Posted Against a Purchase Order Item
11/21/2014Thanksgiving Holiday Payment Run Schedule
11/4/2014REMINDER: DROP (Deferred Retirement Option Plan) Start and End Date
10/20/2014New Fixed Asset Report ZFI_FALIST_VAL Includes Net Book Value
10/17/2014EBD Voluntary Product Records Moving to IT0377 Miscellaneous Plans
10/15/2014PT60 Selection Screen Field Default Changes (Evaluation up to)
10/15/2014Purchasing List Display Reports Updated to Include Material Long Text
10/7/2014Changes to Grocery Sales and Use Taxes
10/3/2014Changes to PA20 and PA30 due to Mid-Year HR Maintenance
10/3/2014Enhancements to Improve Transaction ZFIN (GL Report with Customer Data)
10/3/2014Revisions to Transaction PA40 - Hire Action Adding IT0022 (Education)
9/11/2014Changes to PA20 and PA30 due to Mid-Year HR Maintenance
8/19/2014AASIS Training Presents New Payroll Fundamentals Class
8/13/2014ASC Training for August & September 2014
8/12/2014IT0022 (Education) Now Available
8/6/2014Back in Session – ASC Classes Next Week
7/10/2014Take AASIS Time Management Courses From Your Desk
7/10/2014Take AASIS Overview and Basic Navigation From Your Desk
7/9/2014Take AASIS Procurement Courses From Your Desk
7/9/2014Take AASIS Accounts Receivable Courses From Your Desk
7/8/2014Use Z_Card_Doc for P-Card & T-Card Purchases Not Uploaded by OSP
6/27/2014Clarification - Additional Time ID Codes have been Added to HR Coding Guide
6/27/2014Restrictions to Quota Corrections and Manual Transfer of Mid-Month Accruals
6/26/2014Automatic Retirement Enrollment for Employees Who Are Transferred, Promoted or Demoted
6/25/2014Reminder: Fiscal Year-End: Important Information for Timekeepers
6/25/2014REMINDER: FISCAL YEAR END: Finance, Materials Management, & HR Roles Will Be Locked During Fiscal Year-End Activities
6/25/2014Fiscal Year End: HCM and Financial Transactions will be Locked During Fiscal Year-End Activities
6/18/2014New Vendor Group Created in AASIS for Arkansas Publicly Funded School Districts
6/13/2014New Transaction ZMM15 Report Displays Purchasing Change History
6/13/2014Revision to CAT2 Time Sheet To Verify Available Absence Quota For Usage
6/12/2014Fiscal Year-End: Important Information for Timekeepers
6/12/2014Fiscal Year End: HCM and Financial Transactions will be Locked During Fiscal Year-End Activities
6/11/2014FISCAL YEAR END: Finance, Materials Management, & HCM Roles Will Be Locked During Fiscal Year-End Activities
6/6/2014Enhancements Made to Outstanding Warrants Reports ZOSW and ZOSPRW
6/2/2014New Transaction Z_SHAREDLV- Shared Leave Donation Report
5/23/2014Job Series Reason Code Reactivated for Promotion
5/21/2014AASIS Classes for June Enrollment
5/14/2014Procurement Partner Functionality Introduced in AASIS
5/8/2014Use PA30 - Maintain HR Master Data to Create Flexible Spending Account
5/6/2014Additional Time Recording and Approval (HRTRC) Classes Scheduled
5/6/2014New Transaction ZMM14 Report Maps Material Number to General Ledger Account
4/25/2014Time Recording and Approval Course (HRTRC) Now Available
3/10/2014AASIS Class Enrollment Open for April, May, and June 2014
3/6/2014Enhancements Made to Position Control Report
2/20/2014Material Master Resources
2/19/2014New Error Messages for Basic Pay (IT0008) Records
1/31/2014Important Information Regarding Transaction PA40
1/31/2014New Fields Added to Transaction Z_GLT_PARK
1/23/2014AASIS Classes Open for February and March 2014
1/15/2014AASIS Production System Down Friday January 17th
1/9/2014Reporting Arkansas Diamond 457 Deferred Compensation Plan Enrollment
1/2/2014Reminder: AASIS Class Enrollment Open for January and February 2014
12/30/2013REMINDER: Act 452 Auto Enroll in Arkansas Diamond 457 Deferred Compensation Plan
12/20/2013VisionCare Records Should Be Recorded Using Infotype 0377 (Miscellaneous Plans) Effectove 12-22-13
12/20/2013Locking Transaction HRBEN0015-Benefits Confirmation Form to Perform System Maintenance; Effective Immediately
12/5/2013AASIS Production System Unavailable Beginning December 13th
12/4/2013Payment-Run Schedule for Christmas and New Year Holidays
11/22/2013AASIS Class Enrollment Open for January and February 2014
11/21/2013New SAP GUI 730 Patch Level 6 Available to Install
11/19/2013Make Employee Administrator Changes On IT0001 Using Transaction ZPA01
11/18/2013Take an AASIS Class Before the End of the Year
11/12/2013Act 452 Auto Enroll in Arkansas Diamond 457 Deferred Compensation Plan
11/7/2013Funds Management Class Now Available
11/5/2013Important Information Regarding Transaction Code PA40
10/31/2013New Business Process to Ensure No Quota Balances Remain for Terminated Employees
10/31/2013Personnel Administration (HRPA) Class Offered November 12-13
10/17/2013New SAP GUI Available to Install
9/27/2013AASIS Class Enrollment Open for October, November, and December 2013
9/20/2013Shared Leave Webinar Materials Are Now Available
9/9/2013Webinar for New Shared Leave Business Process
8/28/2013Accounts Receivable Users Can Now Attach Files to Documents
8/19/2013SSN Removed From Position Control Report
8/16/2013Changes to Procurement Thresholds
8/15/2013New Shared Leave Business Process
8/14/2013Changes to Infotype 0021
8/12/2013Get AASIS Help Without Leaving Your Desk
6/19/2013Grant Field Added to Procurement Documents
6/19/2013HCM and Financial Transactions Will Be Locked During Fiscal Year-End Activities
6/19/2013Changes to Material Document List Report Transaction MB51
6/14/2013Finance, Materials Management, & HCM Roles will be Locked During Fiscal Year-End Activities
6/7/2013AASIS System Maintenance
12/20/2012AASIS Classes for January Through March 2013 Open for Enrollment
12/18/2012Improved Process for Online Training Certification Exam
11/29/2012Enhancement to Time Management Ad Hoc Query
10/30/2012Purchase Order Process Course Now Online
10/18/2012AASIS Overview and Basic Navigation II Course Available Online
10/17/2012New Version of Certain Microsoft Products are Not Approved for use with AASIS
9/25/2012New Search Parameters on Transaction ZWARR_DETAIL
8/17/2012Changes to Transaction ZVPN (Vacant Positions with Last Holder and Reason for Vacancy)
7/6/2012Improvements to Transaction Z_GLT_PARK and Associated Spreadsheet
6/27/2012Time Approval Course Available Online
6/22/2012Commercial Bank Fund Deposits Require AASIS Deposit Slip
6/21/2012New Help Documents for HCM Transactions
6/21/2012Verifying Overtime Calculations that Include Bonus Payments
6/15/2012Outline Agreement Course is Now On-Line
6/14/2012Training Materials for Outline Agreements
5/31/2012New Process for Refunds to Expenditure
5/30/2012Changes to Purchasing Contract Processes
5/29/2012AASIS Vendor Maintenance
5/24/2012Reset Employee Password In Employee Self-Service
5/22/2012General Ledger Upload Transaction Now Available
5/22/2012Changes to Customer Payment and Deposit Processes
5/4/2012New Roth Post-Tax Savings Plan and Name Changes Announced
4/13/2012New Transaction Displays Shift Differential Information
3/26/2012New APERS Earnings and Savings Credit Report
3/23/2012Human Resource Time Recording Course Available Online
3/15/2012Seats Remain Open for Materials Management Classes
3/13/2012Simplified Fast-Entry Hire and Rehire Actions
2/21/2012AASIS Overview and Basic Navigation I is a Prerequisite Course
1/25/2012Overtime Calculation Redesign
1/25/2012New Business Process for Non-Exempt 7K Law and 7K Fire Employees on 14-day Work Weeks
1/25/2012Employee Time-Detail Report
1/20/2012Updated Crosswalk of Wage Types to General Ledger Accounts
1/19/2012Registration Remains Open for Accounts Payable Logistics Class
1/17/2012Tax I.D. Required for Vendor Master Data and One-Time Vendor-Payment Transactions
1/11/2012Tax I.D. Required for Vendor Master Data and One-Time Vendor-Payment Transactions
1/10/2012Automatic Retirement Plan Enrollment for All Eligible Drop and Rehire-Retiree Employees
12/22/2011Simplified Pay Overage Report
12/14/2011Changes in Display of Benefits for New Plan Year
12/5/2011Enhanced Vendor Search Options
12/5/2011Introducing AASIS Training Online
11/23/2011Establishment-Level Tip-Processing Upload Program Is Now Available
11/23/2011Combined Locked Indicator Report Quickly Finds Locked Records
11/22/2011Maintaining Planned Working Time for Additional Time ID Field
11/9/2011Garnishment Process Updated
11/3/2011Specific Help Documents Available Within Transactions
10/27/2011Enhancement to ZWARR_DETAIL Report
10/24/2011Prevent Payroll Errors by Maintaining Additional Time ID Field
10/14/2011Payment of Overtime and Compensatory Premiums
10/13/2011Reminder: Changes To Accrual Object Categories In Accrual Engine
10/10/2011Changes To Accrual Object Categories in Accrual Engine
10/7/2011Changes to Purchase Orders by Purchasing Organization Report
10/6/2011Time Evaluation Opens for Entire Pay Period
10/4/2011Selection Option Improves Appropriation Analysis Report
10/3/2011Streamlining of New Hire and Rehire Actions
10/3/2011Fast Entry Rehire
10/3/2011Additional Streamlining of Personnel Actions
10/3/2011Streamlined Action for Tipped Employees
9/30/2011Overtime Automation
9/29/2011Improvements to Selection and Output Screens for Minority Vendors Report
9/23/2011New 4 x 10 Work Schedules for Exempt Employees
8/25/2011Retirement Plan Enrollment For Many Employees is Now Automated
8/17/2011Viewing Available Cost Centers by Business Area
7/15/2011Updated Human Capital Management Reports
7/8/2011Low Value Asset Threshold Increased to $4,999.99
6/30/2011Verifying overtime Calculations that Include Bonus Payments
6/27/2011AASIS Communications to be Addressed According to Recipients' User Roles
6/24/2011Automation of Career Service Recognition Payment Process
6/22/2011Garnishments Come Into Compliance
6/15/2011FY 2012 Brings New Budget Availability Report
6/10/2011Budget Transactions Change Beginning With FY 2012
6/8/2011Outline Agreement Print Preview
6/8/2011Procurement Approval Status Report
6/3/2011Job Share Solution
5/27/2011Accrual Engine Powers Up June 1, 2011
5/27/2011Verifying Overtime Calculations in AASIS Pay Results
5/27/2011Temporary Process for Creating Quota Corrections for Rehires for June, 2011
4/22/2011New Merit Codes for Promotion in Lieu of Merit Increases
4/18/2011New Work Schedules for Exempt Employees
4/15/2011New Course Offering Advances Beyond AASIS Basics
3/25/2011Changes To Transactions ZCAT_Donate and ZCAT_Award
3/17/2011Improved Benefits Business Process for Cancellation of Health or Life Plan
2/4/2011Time Activities for Payroll During Inclement Weather
2/3/2011New Class Codes for Certain Assets
1/11/2011Enhancements to Our Reference Field in Procurement Documents
12/3/2010System Modifications Require Business Area Selection in Certain Time Transactions
12/3/2010Enhanced Payroll Results Report
11/8/2010Change in Access to Employment Percent Field in Certain Transactions
11/5/2010Position-Related Master Data Changes in Organizational Management
10/26/2010Conversion of Employee Master Data Records
9/16/2010Change to Correspondence Name on Transaction ZF27 Selection Screen
8/30/2010Automatic Email Notification Upon Receipt of Asset
8/30/2010Use Tax Code UG for Grocery Purchases
8/23/2010Automatic Organizational Assignment During Termination Action
8/13/2010System Notifications Identify Changed Cost Objects
7/6/2010AASIS ESS Troubleshooting Tips
6/28/2010Deletion of Absences Approved Past June 30, 2010
6/17/2010New Financial Information Report
4/19/2010Attaching Documents to Goods Receipts
4/9/2010Asset Depreciation by Period Showing FI Document Number
4/9/2010Transaction MIRO: Tax Code Field in Item Layout Screen is Now Display Only
2/2/2010Modifications to Business Workflow (Transaction SBWP)
1/14/2010New List Variants For Trial Balance Drill-Down
12/31/2009Time Evaluation (Transaction PT60) Corrects End-of-Year Leave Quota Balances
12/29/2009ARRA Logo Enhancement For Purchase Orders And Outline Agreements
10/29/2009Personnel Administration - New Selection Options for Organizational Assignment Infotype Contract Field
10/20/2009Report Helps Monitor Evening and Night Shift Differentials
10/19/2009Rescission of Purchase Order-Related Enhancements to Business Workflow
8/24/2009Printing Customer Invoices in Transaction ZINVC
8/7/2009Fixed Asset History Report
8/7/2009Enhancements to Logged Changes in Infotype Data Report