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Business Process Procedures 

Business Process Procedures (BPPs) provide quick reference documentation and step by step instruction for specific business transactions.

Each BPP contains the following:

  • Procedure Description
  • Dependencies
  • Tips and Tricks
  • Menu Path and Transaction Code
  • Step by Step Instruction (for each field appearing on each screen associated with the transaction)

The BPP server is currently down. Please check back later.

HCM-Agency Payroll
CATATransfer Time to All Components – CATA
PA61Process Leave Payout
PA61Process Leave Payout
PA61Catastrophic Leave – PA61
PC00_M10_CALC_SIMUHR-PY Payroll Simulation Process-Regular Run
PC00_M99_CLGA09HR-PY Wage Type Statement
PC00_M99_CWTRHR-PY Wage Type Reporter
PT60Time Evaluation – PT60
PT60Termination Action Processed After Time Evaluation Has Run For Period After Termination Date
S_AHR_61016142HR-PY Tax Infotype Summary Report
S_ALR_87014136HR-PY Paydays on Holidays or Weekends Report
S_ALR_87014137HR-PY Payday Calendar View Report
S_PH9_46000360HR-PY Tax Exemption Expiration Report
Z001IT 2001 Locked Records Report
Z002IT 2002 Locked Records Report – Z002
ZCAT_AWARDCatastrophic Leave Award Report - ZCAT_AWARD
ZCAT_DONATECatastropic Leave Donation Report
ZCOMP_ABSENCESGenerate Leave Liability Report – ZCOMP_ABSENCES
ZCPOQuota Compensation Payout Report
ZHRSAVBONDSProcess Saving Bonds Deduction Report
ZLOCKGenerate Locked Personnel Records Report – ZLOCK
ZNON_AASIS_LEAVEGenerate Leave Liability for Non-AASIS Leave Report – ZNON_AASIS_LEAVE
ZPDCGenerate PDC Error Report
ZSICGenerate Sick Leave Liability Report – ZSIC
HCM-Benefits Administration
HRBEN0001Create Manual Enrollment for Employee in the APERS Contributory Plan
HRBEN0001Transfer to Full Time
HRBEN0001Process Anytime Changes
HRBEN0071Generate Eligible Employee Report
HRBEN0072Generate Participation Report
HRBEN0074Generate Insurance Plan Costs Report for Benefits
PA20Display Employee Benefit Data
PA30/HRBEN0001Create Benefit Enrollment - HIPAA Special Enrollment
HCM-Time and Leave Administration
ESSView Leave Balances in ESS – ESS
PA51Display Planned Working Time – PA51
PA61Public Holiday Quota Breakdown – PA61
PA61Manual Leave (Quota) Maintenance – PA61
PA61System Generated Leave (Quota) Corrections - PA61
PA61Substitution – PA61
PA61Create Family Medical Leave - PA61
PT_BAL00Monitor Public Holiday Quota Breakdown Report – PT_BAL00
PT_BAL00Monitor Extra Help 1000 Hour Limit Report – PT_BAL00
PT_BAL00Compensatory Time Accrual Report - PT_BAL00
PT_ERL00Time Evaluation Message Display Report – PT_ERL00
PT_ERL00Generate Report Verifying Time Worked for Benefits – PT_ERL00
PT_QTA10Display Absence Quota Information Report – PT_QTA10
PT40Time Management Pool Report – PT40
PT50Manual Transfer of Accrued Leave – PT50
PT50Leave (Quota) Overview – PT50
PT64Attendance/Absence Overview Report – PT64
ZAAPEmployee Absence/Attendance and Class Code ZAAP
ZCATS_EVALTIMEEmployee Time Detail Report
ZLEAVUSEEE Leave Use and Quota Balance - ZLEAVUSE
ZNHENumber of Hours Evaluated Report - ZNHE
HCM-Time Recording and Approval
CAT2Time Recording – CAT2
MM-Asset Management
A1ABDistribute / Settle Asset Under Construction - AIAB
AB02Change Asset Document - AB02
AB08Reverse Line Items - AB08
ABAVNAsset Retirement by Scrapping - ABAVN
ABAVNAsset Retirement by Scrapping - Multiple Assets - ABAVN
ABNANPost-Capitalization - Multiple Assets - ABNAN
ABNANPost-Capitalization - ABNAN
ABUMNAsset Transfer within Company Code - ABUMN
ABUMNAsset Transfer within Company Code - Multiple Assets - ABUMN
AISTReverse Settlement of AuC - AIST
AR01Asset Balances - AR01
AS01Create Asset Master Record - AS01
AS02Change Asset Master Record - AS02
AS03Display Asset Master Record - AS03
AS05Block/Unblock Asset Record - AS05
AS11Create Asset Subnumber - AS11
AW01NAsset Explorer - AW01N