Empowering Arkansas State Employees (EASE) 

You can review/print your pay stub (remuneration statement) and review your benefit enrollment and leave time by accessing the EASE Internet Gateway at https://ease.arkansas.gov/.  Pay stubs are created as PDF documents, so in order to download or open one, you must have software installed on your computer that allows the reading of PDF documents. Adobe Reader is freely available, but if you experience any technical issues during the download or install, please contact your local technical support office for assistance.

All activities on EASE require your AASIS User ID and password. Before calling the AASIS Help Desk for your initial password, please contact your agency personnel department for your AASIS User ID and personnel number. For security reasons, the AASIS Help Desk cannot provide this information, and will ask you to confirm that you have it before an initial password can be issued. Once you have obtained your AASIS User ID and personnel number from your agency, you can reach the AASIS Help Desk at 501-683-2255 weekdays between the hours of 7:30 am - 4:30 pm to be issued an initial password. The initial password given by the Help Desk will allow you temporary access to the system, where you will be prompted to change your password to one known only by you. After conducting your initial login, you can reset your password using the password reset application on the EASE login page, which can be accessed by clicking the ‘Forgot Password?’ button.

Job Aids and other helpful information regarding the EASE system are available here.