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Procurement (PUR) – contains plant, material master, vendor master and transactional data created by the acquisition of goods and services process, including Requisitions, Request for Quotes, Outline Agreements, and Purchase Orders.

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For all Course Registration Activities, including the Waiting List, you must login at Employee Self Service with the same User ID and Password that you use for AASIS Production.

If you do not know your User ID, contact your supervisor or someone in your agency with personnel or payroll access that is authorized to give you that information.

Please contact the AASIS Help Desk at 501-683-2255 if you have questions.

Miro Invoice11/18/2009
Purchase Order11/18/2009
Purchase Requisition11/18/2009
Requisition Settings11/18/2009
ZPOP Revised12/15/2009
Edit and Open MM Document11/18/2009
Open Commitments: Purchase Order and Vendor Invoice Clean Up11/18/2009
RFQ/Quotation Document Types11/18/2009
How to Use the Purchasing Approver Selection Screen 11/18/2009
Outline Agreement Print Preview06/07/2011
ARRA Logos On Purchasing Documents12/29/2009
Attach Documentation to MIGO04/16/2010
Attaching Documents to a Purchase Order11/18/2009
Copy Attachments from the Purchase Requisition to the Purchase Order09/30/2011
Cost of Goods Issued by Cost Center by Recipient11/18/2009
Create a Purchase Order with Reference to an Outline Agreement03/08/2011
Create a Purchase Order without reference to Another Document03/08/2011
Customizing Your System11/18/2009
Delivery Address Tax Calculations Tutorial11/18/2009
Funds Reservation in MM11/18/2009
How to Create a New Outline Agreement for a Dying Purchasing Organization11/18/2009
Making Personal Screen Layout Using Layout Settings11/18/2009
Making Personal Screen Layout Using Table Settings11/18/2009
ME28-Release Purchase Order11/18/2009
Minority Vendor Report (ZMinor) Updated08/31/2010
MIRO Invoicing Party Lockdown11/18/2009
Open Commitment Item Report11/18/2009
Printing a Purchase Document Attachment11/18/2009
Purchase Orders with Incomplete Goods Receipt or Invoice Receipt11/18/2009
Screen Changes for Material Search Help Tabs05/03/2010
Streamlined Sales and Use Tax Delivery Address Validation11/18/2009
Update to the Purchase Order and Outline Agreement Approver Selection Screen01/25/2010
ZMM11 Material Groups Assigned to Minority Vendor Report05/26/2011
ZMM7 - Requisition to Check Report04/07/2010
ZMM8 - Approver Status Report06/07/2011
ZPO_OPEN_INV Goods Receipts that have not been invoiced11/18/2009
ZVENDTAXID - Identify Vendor Numbers by Taxpayer Identification Number11/18/2009