Victim Justice and Assistance Recovery Programs STOP 

Stop Violence Against Women Act (STOP) Recovery Program

Program Description
The STOP Recovery Program ‘s goals are to strengthen partnerships for safer communities and enhance the State’s capacity to prevent, solve, and control crime and to create and preserve jobs and promote economic recovery through the provision of services to adult women who are victims of sexual assault, domestic violence, stalking or dating violence. 
Eligible Program Participants
Public and private nonprofit organizations, judicial, law enforcement, prosecutorial and governmental entities, such as: offices of elected prosecuting attorneys; circuit or district courts.
Program Funding Period
June 1, 2009 through March 31, 2011

OJP Financial Guide
Reimbursement Request Processing Presentation
Reimbursement Request Processing Questions and Answers

Application Packet
Application and Instructions06/03/2011
Attachment A | Financial Overview11/18/2009
Attachment D | Budget11/18/2009
Attachment E | Certification11/18/2009
Attachment F | Recovery Act Reporting11/18/2009
Attachment G | SF-42411/18/2009
Attachment H | Consultant Certification11/18/2009
Attachment I | Arkansas Compliance and Monitoring Report11/18/2009
Cover Page11/18/2009
Funding Announcement06/03/2011
Recovery Questions and Answers11/18/2009
Schedule of Activities11/18/2009
TA Workshop Presentation11/18/2009
Orientation Workshop11/18/2009
Subgrantee Administrative Forms
Authorized Official Contact Information12/31/2009
Notification of Change in Authorized Official12/31/2009
Request to Designate an Acting Authorized Official12/31/2009
Self-Assessment Checklist Certification12/31/2009
Self-Assessment Compliance Checklist12/31/2009
Subgrantee Financial Forms
Annual Inventory Report12/31/2009
Budget Revision Request Narrative12/31/2009
Budget Revision Request Narrative12/31/2009
Employee Time and Attendance Record09/10/2010
Invoice Summary Page12/31/2009
Property and Equipment Disposal Form02/18/2011
Request for Federal Funds12/31/2009
Transportation Log05/05/2010
Volunteer Match Summary09/01/2010
Volunteer Time Sheet12/31/2009
W9 Taxpayer ID Number and Certification Request12/31/2009
Year End Expenditure Report12/31/2009
Subgrantee Programmatic Forms
Monthly & Annual Performance Report02/01/2011
Monthly & Annual Performance Report | Helpful Hints for Subgrantees12/31/2009
Monthly & Annual Performance Report Instructions12/31/2009
Monthly Statisical Summary05/05/2010