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Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant (JAG) Program 

Program Title 
Edward Byrne Justice Assistance (Byrne-JAG) and State Drug Crime Enforcement and Prosecution Grant (SDCEP) Programs

Program Funding Period
July 1, 2014 through June 20, 2015 

Deadline for Application
Close of business, June 12, 2014.  Applications must be provided by e-mail by the close of business on that date in the format provided on the website.  The original of the application must be hand-delivered or postmarked by that date also. 

Program Description
The Byrne JAG program allows state and local governments to support a broad range of activities in addressing drug control and the prevention of violent crime.  The SDCEP funds  awards for multi-jurisdictional drug crime task forces to investigate and prosecute drug crimes within the State of Arkansas. The Arkansas Alcohol and Drug Abuse Coordinating Council will not give priority consideration for requests for “evidentiary purchases of controlled substances or information” or “Informant and witness compensation.”  Additional information regarding JAG funding can be found at:  Information on uses for the SDCEP Fund is found at:

Eligible Program Participants
Priority shall be given to applicants that demonstrate a cooperative law enforcement effort involving two or more criminal justice agencies, with jurisdiction over two or more areas, to enhance interagency coordination and intelligence while facilitating multi-jurisdictional criminal investigations.  Successful applicants will work cooperatively to detect, disrupt, and/or dismantle criminal drug-trafficking and gang organizations.

Method of Notification
Notice is announced through the formal publication of a state application kit. This kit contains the forms and instructions needed to fully complete an application, as well as the regulations and guidelines that each applicant will be required to adhere to should it be awarded a sub grant.