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2015-2017 Institution APS Budget Instructions05/27/2014
Biennial Budget Instructions05/27/2014
Higher Ed Form B Additional Position and Position Deletion Request05/27/2014
Higher Ed Form C-1 Narrative Justification for New Additional Positions05/27/2014
Higher Ed Form D Narrative Justification of Grade Change Request05/27/2014
Higher Ed Grade Change Request11/18/2009
Higher Ed New/Additional Justification11/18/2009
Higher Ed Non-Classified Request11/18/2009
Higher Ed Position Changes11/18/2009
Higher Ed Provisional Position Conversion11/18/2009
Institution Crossgrade Downgrade05/08/2013
Merit and Cola Retrocalculation11/18/2009
Merit and Cola Retrocalculation Instructions11/18/2009
Missed Merit Administration Error Form06/27/2012
Movement of Current Employees to Approved Special Entry Rates04/11/2012
New Classified Provisional Position04/17/2014
OMNI Date Calculation Worksheet12/13/2012
PE Form Addendum11/18/2009
Performance Evaluation Form - Employee03/27/2017
Performance Evaluation Form - Senior Management07/30/2013
Performance Evaluation Form | Executive Director/Deputy Director08/24/2011
Personnel Actions Certification of Funding Form09/05/2017
Pool Position Request03/30/2012
Position Classification Questionnaire09/30/2015
Position Crossgrade Downgrade12/14/2011
Position Crossgrade or Downgrade Instructions10/20/2011
Proof of Prior Service05/07/2015
Salary Administration Grid Monthly Usage Report12/13/2012
Special Entry Rate – Exceptionally Well Qualified Applicant02/18/2013
Special Entry Rate Applicant Summary Sheet - Applicant Not Hired05/09/2012
Special Entry Rate Applicant Summary Sheet - Applicant Not Hired Instructions08/30/2011
Special Entry Rate Request – Labor Market Conditions04/07/2015
State Agency Form B Title-Grade Change Request05/27/2014
State Agency Form C Additional Position Request05/27/2014
Substitution of Minimum Qualifications08/17/2011
Pay Plan
FY 2006 Pay Plan11/18/2009
FY 2007 Pay Plan11/18/2009
FY 2008 Pay Plan11/18/2009
FY 2009 Pay Plan11/18/2009
FY 2010-2011 Career Service Pay Plan11/18/2009
FY 2010-2011 Professional/Executive Pay Plan11/18/2009
FY 2012-2013 Pay Plan11/08/2012
FY 2014 Pay Plans09/09/2013
FY 2016 Pay Plans07/08/2015
FY 2018 Pay Plans07/19/2017