Merit Lump Sum Payments | FY 201708/03/2017
Statewide Catastrophic Leave Bank Program Update04/27/2017
Renewal of Salary Admin Grids & Labor Market Rates | 4/24/201704/25/2017
Statewide Attorney Grid | 9/8/1604/12/2017
Paid Maternity Leave02/17/2017
Merit Lump Sum Payments | FY 201606/01/2016
US Dept of Labor Proposed Overtime Changes04/06/2016
FY 2016 Catastrophic/Shared Leave Committee Meeting - Quarterly Schedule12/07/2015
OPM Policy and Form Changes07/22/2015
Job Advertising07/20/2015
Pay Plan Implementation Procedures for Fiscal Year 201605/19/2015
Merit Lump Sum Payments04/22/2015
Hiring Freeze03/20/2015
Daylight Savings Time03/03/2015
Hiring Freeze Process01/29/2015
Calendar Year 2014 W-2 Mail-out01/28/2015
Pay Cycle 2-2015 (01/04/2015 – 01/17/2015) – Martin Luther King Jr. Day01/13/2015
Restoration of FY2015 Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA)11/10/2014
OPM Changes and Clarifications09/18/2014
Statewide Grievance Hearing Officer Training05/30/2014
2014 Fiscal Year End Processing for User Agencies05/21/2014
2014 memorial Day Processing Schedule05/12/2014
Employee Annual Benefit Statement 201304/29/2014
Merit Bonuses for FY201404/02/2014
2013 Holiday Payroll Processing Schedule11/12/2013
Hiring Freeze Memo10/25/2013
PE Review Memo10/25/2013
Benefits for Furloughed Employees Memo10/25/2013
Employee Furlough09/30/2013
Update to Employee Disclosure and Certification of Family Members Reporting09/03/2013
Pay Plan Implementation Procedures for Fiscal Year 2014 Unclassified Salary Clarification06/06/2013
Merit Pay Memo Follow-Up05/23/2013
FY 2013 HR Forum05/23/2013
FY 2014 Pay Plan Implementation Procedures05/15/2013
Merit Lump Sum Payments05/08/2013
Social Security Employee Tax Rate01/03/2013
Salary Administratoin Grid Reporting Memo12/13/2012
OMNI Date Calculation Worksheet12/13/2012
OMNI Date Calculations and Social Security Number Redaction: OPM Update09/27/2012
Arkansas Department of Veterans Affairs Reduction in Force09/18/2012
FY 2013 Revisions and Reminders07/03/2012
Pay Plan Implementation Procedures for 201306/28/2012
Merit Lump Sum Payment Instructions05/14/2012
Merit Lump Sum Payments05/11/2012
Office of Personnel Management 2012 Update04/25/2012
Requests for New and Continuation of Provisional Positions04/25/2012
Salary Grids and Compensation Differentials04/20/2012
RAW Restoration Memo12/02/2010
KBT Restoration Memo12/02/2010
Hiring Freeze Memo11/18/2009
Personnel Update FY 2010 11/18/2009
Higher Education Pay Plan Memo11/18/2009
Implementation of Act 688 of 2009 Memo 11/18/2009
Pay Plan Overview Memo 11/18/2009
Pay Plan Implementation Update Memo11/18/2009
Missed Merit Administrative Memo11/18/2009
Pay Plan Study & General Information 11/18/2009
Position Utilization – Revision to Crossgrade/Downgrade Process Memo 11/18/2009
2009-2011 Biennium Additional Position Requests Memo 11/18/2009
Emergency Paid Leave and Disaster Service Volunteer Leave Memo 11/18/2009
Executive Order 08-0911/18/2009
Executive Order: Emergency Paid Leave11/18/2009
Emergency Paid Leave - Disaster Volunteer Leave Memo11/18/2009