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 Online Reporting
Employee and Relative Disclosure Report
Employee and Relative Disclosure Report Excel Spreadsheet
Employee and Relative Disclosure Report Instructions
Catastrophic Leave - Bank Application Eligibility Verification11/21/2017
Catastrophic Leave - Bank Application for Maternity Purposes05/02/2017
Catastrophic Leave - Bank Application for Medical Emergency05/02/2017
Catastrophic Leave - Brief Listing of Compassionate Allowance cases04/26/2017
Catastrophic Leave - Dependent Child Certification04/26/2017
Catastrophic Leave - Detailed Listing of Compassionate Allowance cases04/26/2017
Catastrophic Leave - Donor04/26/2017
Catastrophic Leave - Physicians Certification04/26/2017
Catastrophic Leave - Return of Accrual Leave Transmittal04/26/2017
Concurrent Employment01/30/2015
Concurrent Employment Definitions, Instructions, and Policies06/16/2014
Emergency Hire Request05/15/2013
Employee Disclosure/Certification and Employment of Family Members Forms11/21/2017
Employee Suggestion10/15/2014
Employee Suggestion Evaluator Form08/02/2017
FMLA - Certification of Qualifying Exigency for Military Family Leave08/31/2015
FMLA - Designation Notice08/31/2015
FMLA - Healthcare Provider for Employee Serious Health Condition08/31/2015
FMLA - Healthcare Provider for Family Member Serious Health Condition08/31/2015
FMLA - Leave Request09/07/2017
FMLA - Notice of Eligibility and Rights and Responsibilities08/31/2015
FMLA - Serious Injury or Illness of a Current Servicemember - for Military Family Leave08/31/2015
FMLA - Serious Injury or Illness of a Veteran for Military Caregiver Leave08/31/2015
Hiring Freeze Exception Request01/15/2015
Internal Advertising Approval Request02/13/2012
Marriage Disclosure Form08/16/2013
Report a Violation of Hiring Practices06/23/2011
Retirement Letter Request01/05/2016
Retirement Letter Request Instructions11/12/2015
Service Certificate Request11/12/2015
Service Certificate Request Instructions11/12/2015
State Employee ID Voucher08/29/2013
Volunteer Activity Report01/03/2012
Workforce Reduction Applicant Interview Information Form01/10/2012
Workforce Reduction Data Form06/02/2017
Classification & Compensation
2015-2017 Institution APS Budget Instructions05/27/2014
Biennial Budget Instructions05/27/2014
Higher Ed Form B Additional Position and Position Deletion Request05/27/2014
Higher Ed Form C-1 Narrative Justification for New Additional Positions05/27/2014
Higher Ed Form D Narrative Justification of Grade Change Request05/27/2014
Higher Ed Grade Change Request11/18/2009
Higher Ed New/Additional Justification11/18/2009
Higher Ed Non-Classified Request11/18/2009
Higher Ed Position Changes11/18/2009
Higher Ed Provisional Position Conversion11/18/2009
Institution Crossgrade Downgrade05/08/2013
Merit and Cola Retrocalculation11/18/2009
Merit and Cola Retrocalculation Instructions11/18/2009
Missed Merit Administration Error Form06/27/2012
Movement of Current Employees to Approved Special Entry Rates04/11/2012
New Classified Provisional Position04/17/2014
OMNI Date Calculation Worksheet12/13/2012
PE Form Addendum11/18/2009
Performance Evaluation Form - Employee03/27/2017
Performance Evaluation Form - Senior Management07/30/2013
Performance Evaluation Form | Executive Director/Deputy Director08/24/2011
Personnel Actions Certification of Funding Form09/05/2017
Pool Position Request03/30/2012
Position Classification Questionnaire09/30/2015
Position Crossgrade Downgrade12/14/2011
Position Crossgrade or Downgrade Instructions10/20/2011
Proof of Prior Service05/07/2015
Salary Administration Grid Monthly Usage Report12/13/2012
Special Entry Rate – Exceptionally Well Qualified Applicant02/18/2013
Special Entry Rate Applicant Summary Sheet - Applicant Not Hired05/09/2012
Special Entry Rate Applicant Summary Sheet - Applicant Not Hired Instructions08/30/2011
Special Entry Rate Request – Labor Market Conditions04/07/2015
State Agency Form B Title-Grade Change Request05/27/2014
State Agency Form C Additional Position Request05/27/2014
Substitution of Minimum Qualifications08/17/2011
DFA HR Forms
200.18.03 Information Technology User Consent Agreement09/11/2013
AASIS Information Confidentiality and Security Agreement09/11/2013
Applicant Selection Record09/11/2013
Code of Ethics Attachment A09/11/2013
Criminal Background Check Consent04/13/2017
Drugfree Workplace09/11/2013
I9 - Employment Eligibility and Verification08/02/2017
I9 - Employment Eligibility and Verification Instructions08/02/2017
New Hire Document Checklist01/04/2017
Selective Service09/11/2013
Tax Obligation Policy Receipt08/23/2016
Dispute Resolution
Administrative Record Tracking07/01/2014
Agreement to Mediate08/25/2014
Agreement to Mediate – Appeal08/25/2014
Dispute Resolution – Appeal Form06/30/2014
Dispute Resolution Form12/31/2014
Mediation Non-Settlement06/30/2014
Mediation Non-Settlement – Appeal06/30/2014
Mediation Settlement Agreement06/30/2014
Reply to Employee Grievance Step 111/21/2014
Reply to Employee Grievance Step 211/21/2014
Reply to Employee Grievance Step 311/21/2014
SEGAP Hearing Witness List06/30/2014
Transmittal for Grievance Determination06/30/2014
Affidavit of Forged Warrant06/24/2011
Affidavit of Forged Warrant Instructions06/23/2011
Bank Details - Direct Deposit05/07/2015
Board and Commission Member Stipends06/28/2011
Change in Employment Status10/20/2011
Concurrent Employment Action01/03/2012
Delete a Personnel Number10/20/2011
Direct Deposit Hardship Exemption Request10/20/2011
Employee Leave Request04/26/2017
Employee Master Data02/07/2017
Employee Planned Work Schedule Change10/20/2011
Leave Balance Quota Correction05/07/2015
Leave Payout Authorization05/07/2015
Leave Without Pay Request06/23/2011
Letter of Notice of Overpayment05/11/2012
Mandatory Direct Depost Notification08/24/2011
Off-Cycle Payroll11/18/2009
One Time Payment06/24/2011
Recurring Payment Deduction06/24/2011
Request for Reverse Payment (Void)06/23/2011
Request to Change Retro-Accounting Date06/23/2011
Reverse Transaction06/24/2011
Setoff Form for Agencies to Submit to OPM05/11/2012
Sick Leave Incentive Pay Calculation Worksheet01/27/2012
Weekly Time Sheet06/23/2011
Training Program Registration Form (Non-AASIS Users ONLY)04/08/2015
Training Program Registration Form (Non-AASIS Users ONLY)11/03/2017