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EASE Training 

Getting Started
Install EASE on Mobile Device10/19/2016
Minimum Requirements for Browsers/Devices/Operating Systems10/19/2016
My Inbox Tile Display Tools02/23/2017
Online W-2 Display10/19/2016
Update User Information10/19/2016
W-2 Enrollment10/19/2016
Leave Entry (Participating Agencies Only)
Create Leave Request10/24/2016
Create Leave Requests with Two Leave Types02/23/2017
Delete (Withdraw) Approved Leave Request10/19/2016
Leave Request for Holiday Leave10/19/2016
Time and Leave Approval (Participating Agencies Only)
Approve Deleted Time Entries02/23/2017
Assign Workflow Substitution10/19/2016
Leave Approval10/19/2016
Reject Time Entry for Multiple Days on Timesheet Submission02/23/2017
Time Approval10/19/2016
Time Entry (Participating Agencies Only)
Alternate Work Schedule10/19/2016
Change Time Entry02/23/2017
Create Time Entry10/19/2016
Creating Favorites for Time Entry10/19/2016
Delete Approved Time Entries02/23/2017
Delete Time Entry10/19/2016
Multiple Days Time Entry10/19/2016
Previous Day Indicator10/28/2016