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Training & Dispute Resolution 

The Training & Dispute Resolution Section provides state employees a catalog of training courses designed to meet the continuing need for employee development and improved job performance and satisfaction.  In addition to meeting the training needs of state employees, Training & Dispute Resolution also administers the State Employee Grievance Appeal Panel.  Training workshops are designed to assist agencies with practical training solutions for challenges in leadership, management, efficiency, and effectiveness in public service. If you have any questions regarding training, please call our office at (501) 682-2252. 

OPM is currently assessing and revising our course catalog and curriculum. We want to hear from you!  Please forward any suggestions you have about state employee training to Mike Bonds, Training & Dispute Resolution Manager, at The Training & Dispute Resolution staff is excited about the new direction that we are taking and looks forward to seeing your team members in our courses soon.
Training Bulletin03/05/2014
Training Program Registration Form04/17/2014
Training & Dispute ResolutionDFA Building
1509 W 7th St, Ste 101
Little Rock, AR 72201