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January 2015 | PCS, Split Purchasing, Illegal Immigrant Form Change, Writing Specifications01/29/2016
April 2015 | Solicitation Review Process, Procurement Legislation Update, New RFP/RFQ Scoring Process, AASIS Purchase Requisition ELearning Course, AASIS Information – Material Search Screen Changes, Illegal Immigrant Certificates, Requisition Report01/29/2016
July 2015 | Cooperative Purchase Reporting, TGS, PCS, Performance Based Contracts, Vendor Performance Reports, OSP Training01/29/2016
October 2015 | Material Master Changes, IT Procurement Process and Review, CAI Contract, TGS, PCS, Performance Based Contracts, Vendor Performance Reports, Cooperative Contract Reporting01/29/2016
January 2014 | Furniture Contract, SmartProcure, Office Supply Contract, Material Master Project, On-line Travel Booking Tool, REMI Contract (Equipment Maint. Mgt)01/17/2014
February 2014 | Telephone Expense Management Services, Shredding Contract, Lawn Equipment Contract, Office Supply Contract02/21/2014
April 2014 | AASIS Year End Closing - Sue Banasiewicz, ERP Analyst05/09/2014
April 2014 | Lamp and Ballast Contract - Lee Costley, OSP Buyer05/09/2014
May 2014 | US Bank, Statewide Bus Contract, Utilizing Cooperative Contracts, Travel Booking Contract, Service Bureau Year End Deadlines05/20/2014
June 2014 | City of Little Rock CNG Station Announcement, K-12 Vendor Number Changes, AASIS End of Year Close Out Instructions06/20/2014
July 2014 | Dell Imaging- 3D Printing, Attaching Documents07/25/2014
August 2014 | Disaster management, Disaster Relief Procurements, Emergency Restoration Statewide Contract08/21/2014
September 2014 | Intergovernmental Procurements, Credit Card Oversight and Controls, New Cooperative Contracts, C-KEP Kitchen Equipment Contract, Dollar Threshold Guidelines09/18/2014
November 2014 | Furniture Website, Emergency Tire Provision, WEX Card Capabilities, Ethics in Procurement, Looking up Vendor Groups11/26/2014
January 2013 | 2013 OSPGoals; Minority Expenditure Reporting09/13/2013
February 2013 | RFP vs. RFQ; PCS vs. Technical Services; Reports, Submittals & Notifications09/13/2013
March 2013 | Minority Business Enterprises, APAC, Legislative Update09/13/2013
April 2013 | ASU Beebe Degree Program, Ethics In Procurement, 2013 Law Changes, AASIS Updates09/13/2013
May 2013 | Reverse Auctions, Proposed Rules, EO98-04, Year End Instructions09/13/2013
June 2013 | Technology Access, Year End Instructions09/13/2013
July 2013 | Proposed Rules, Technology Access09/13/2013
August 2013 | AASIS Workflow, New Threshold Changes09/13/2013
August 2013 | Edit Report In Workflow To Show Purchasing Staff08/13/2013
September 2013 | Procurement Codes, Promotional Items, Greeting Cards, Competitive Bid Templates09/13/2013
October 2013| Vehicle Acquisition & Disposal Process10/17/2013
November 2013 | ASU Classes, OSP THINK Program, Procurement Transformation Project11/18/2013
January 2012 | Transparency, Credit Cards, THINK Program, BuyWise Podcasts, Lighting Contract, Vehicle Contract, Sole Source Procurements, AASIS Service for Objects01/16/2014
February 2012 | Lawn Care Equipment Contract, ABEL Listing, Transparency, PR & PO Easy Screen01/16/2014
March 2012 | 2013 Legislative Items, Year End Prep, Travel Website, Sole Source Workflow01/16/2014
April 2012 | Transparency, Office Supply Contract, Vendor & Material Master Search01/16/2014
May 2012 | US Bank (credit card) Reports, Easy Screen Training, Transparency01/16/2014
June 2012 | P-card usage, ABA Construction Contracts, Vendor Master Changes, Transparency Website Overview01/16/2014
August 2012 | Procurement Rules, Linens Contract, Auto Parts Contract, M&R New Fees, Viewing Contracts on Transparency, Vendor Master Changes01/16/2014
September 2012 | Rules Revisions, Credit Cards, Hertz Rental Contract, Fastenal Contract, M&R Go Deals, THINK Program01/16/2014
October 2012 | Using Electronic Signatures, Attaching Files in AASIS, Facebook, On-line AASIS Classes01/16/2014