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May 2017 Ɩ FY 2017 Year End Procedures, ALC review Schedule, VPR Policy, Ease II Project Update, Sole Source, Special and Emergency Procurement, AASIS document coding, ME3N (Contract Expiration Report), Contract Mgmt, RFQ and Ratification policies07/18/2017
July 6, 2017 | AASIS and Portal Changes | EASE Approvals & Rejections | Outlook Workflow Notifications07/19/2017
July 6, 2017 Procurement Forum Video Presentation07/19/2017
October 12, 2017 | New & Amended Laws/Regulations | Minority & Women-Owned Business Enterprise | Contract & Grant Disclosure | Israel Boycott Restriction | Local Food, Farms | State Food Contracts | Special Procurements | Delegation Order Re-Justification10/25/2017
October 12, 2017 Procurement Forum Video Presentation11/21/2017
Forum Notifications10/25/2017
October 12, 2017 Forum Questions and Answers11/21/2017
November 2016 | Cooperative Procurement Approval Request Checklist | RFQ vs. RFP | PCS/TGS | VPR | AASIS Workflow07/18/2017
November 2016 | Forum Dial-In Instructions07/18/2017
January 2015 | PCS, Split Purchasing, Illegal Immigrant Form Change, Writing Specifications01/29/2016
April 2015 | Solicitation Review Process, Procurement Legislation Update, New RFP/RFQ Scoring Process, AASIS Purchase Requisition ELearning Course, AASIS Information – Material Search Screen Changes, Illegal Immigrant Certificates, Requisition Report01/29/2016
July 2015 | Cooperative Purchase Reporting, TGS, PCS, Performance Based Contracts, Vendor Performance Reports, OSP Training01/29/2016
October 2015 | Material Master Changes, IT Procurement Process and Review, CAI Contract, TGS, PCS, Performance Based Contracts, Vendor Performance Reports, Cooperative Contract Reporting01/29/2016
January 2014 | Furniture Contract, SmartProcure, Office Supply Contract, Material Master Project, On-line Travel Booking Tool, REMI Contract (Equipment Maint. Mgt)01/17/2014
February 2014 | Telephone Expense Management Services, Shredding Contract, Lawn Equipment Contract, Office Supply Contract02/21/2014
April 2014 | AASIS Year End Closing - Sue Banasiewicz, ERP Analyst05/09/2014
April 2014 | Lamp and Ballast Contract - Lee Costley, OSP Buyer05/09/2014
May 2014 | US Bank, Statewide Bus Contract, Utilizing Cooperative Contracts, Travel Booking Contract, Service Bureau Year End Deadlines05/20/2014
June 2014 | City of Little Rock CNG Station Announcement, K-12 Vendor Number Changes, AASIS End of Year Close Out Instructions06/20/2014
July 2014 | Dell Imaging- 3D Printing, Attaching Documents07/25/2014
August 2014 | Disaster management, Disaster Relief Procurements, Emergency Restoration Statewide Contract08/21/2014
September 2014 | Intergovernmental Procurements, Credit Card Oversight and Controls, New Cooperative Contracts, C-KEP Kitchen Equipment Contract, Dollar Threshold Guidelines09/18/2014
November 2014 | Furniture Website, Emergency Tire Provision, WEX Card Capabilities, Ethics in Procurement, Looking up Vendor Groups11/26/2014
January 2013 | 2013 OSPGoals; Minority Expenditure Reporting09/13/2013
February 2013 | RFP vs. RFQ; PCS vs. Technical Services; Reports, Submittals & Notifications09/13/2013
March 2013 | Minority Business Enterprises, APAC, Legislative Update09/13/2013
April 2013 | ASU Beebe Degree Program, Ethics In Procurement, 2013 Law Changes, AASIS Updates09/13/2013
May 2013 | Reverse Auctions, Proposed Rules, EO98-04, Year End Instructions09/13/2013
June 2013 | Technology Access, Year End Instructions09/13/2013
July 2013 | Proposed Rules, Technology Access09/13/2013
August 2013 | AASIS Workflow, New Threshold Changes09/13/2013
August 2013 | Edit Report In Workflow To Show Purchasing Staff08/13/2013
September 2013 | Procurement Codes, Promotional Items, Greeting Cards, Competitive Bid Templates09/13/2013
October 2013| Vehicle Acquisition & Disposal Process10/17/2013
November 2013 | ASU Classes, OSP THINK Program, Procurement Transformation Project11/18/2013
January 2012 | Transparency, Credit Cards, THINK Program, BuyWise Podcasts, Lighting Contract, Vehicle Contract, Sole Source Procurements, AASIS Service for Objects01/16/2014
February 2012 | Lawn Care Equipment Contract, ABEL Listing, Transparency, PR & PO Easy Screen01/16/2014
March 2012 | 2013 Legislative Items, Year End Prep, Travel Website, Sole Source Workflow01/16/2014
April 2012 | Transparency, Office Supply Contract, Vendor & Material Master Search01/16/2014
May 2012 | US Bank (credit card) Reports, Easy Screen Training, Transparency01/16/2014
June 2012 | P-card usage, ABA Construction Contracts, Vendor Master Changes, Transparency Website Overview01/16/2014
August 2012 | Procurement Rules, Linens Contract, Auto Parts Contract, M&R New Fees, Viewing Contracts on Transparency, Vendor Master Changes01/16/2014
September 2012 | Rules Revisions, Credit Cards, Hertz Rental Contract, Fastenal Contract, M&R Go Deals, THINK Program01/16/2014
October 2012 | Using Electronic Signatures, Attaching Files in AASIS, Facebook, On-line AASIS Classes01/16/2014