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Credit Cards 

Fuel Card
The state fuel card can only be used for official state business. The card can also be used for minor or routine vehicle maintenance including oil changes, windshield repair and tire servicing. The fuel card also carries access to roadside assistance through North American Fleet Services. The fuel card is not to be used for purchasing food, beverages, novelty items, personal items, or tires.  This card cannot be used to fuel a private vehicle.

The P-Card helps state agencies better manage low-dollar purchases and brings many benefits to the State of Arkansas, and its vendors.  P-Cards are issued to certain employees to enhance the effectiveness or economy of operations. Liability for payment, total responsibility and accountability for the P-Card transactions resides at the agency level.

Travel Card
The Travel Card Program provides travelers a safe, effective, convenient, and commercially available method to pay for expenses incidental to official travel, including local travel. The travel card is intended for official state travel-related use only and should never be used for personal purchases or to pay for someone else's travel expenses.


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