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Purchasing Forms and Reporting 

Online Reporting
BioBased Product Usage Report
Contract and Grant Disclosure Report
Arkansas's Business Emergency Listing (ABEL)
Employee and Relative Disclosure Report has been moved to OPM.
Higher Education ARRA Reporting
Illegal Immigrant Reporting
MinorityView Portal
PCS $10,000.01 - $50,000 Monthly Reporting Form
Printing Delegation Monthly Report
Recycled Paper Report
Vendor W-9 Form
ECM Summary11/18/2009
Preliminary Annual Cash Flow Analysis11/18/2009
Project History and Client Reference11/18/2009
Projected Annual Energy Savings Data11/18/2009
Projected Annual Energy Savings Date mmBtus11/18/2009
Proposed Project Cost11/18/2009
Subcontractors Qualifications11/18/2009
Team Member Qualification11/18/2009
Competitive Bid Sample Language09/26/2013
Competitive Bid Tabulation (Verbal or Written)09/26/2013
Competitive Bid Template Form09/26/2013
Contract and Grant Disclosure Form01/30/2012
Delivery Address Maintenance | Form OSPV10212/01/2009
Disclosure of Employment of Family Members07/17/2012
Material Master Request11/18/2009
Printing Delegation Monthly Report01/31/2014
Prior Year Rebate Certification Form11/18/2009
Purchase Requisition for Bid Process (Form B)02/01/2012
Purchase Requisition for Bid Process (Form B) Instructions02/01/2012
Purchase Requisition to Purchase Order (Form A)09/28/2012
Purchase Requisition to Purchase Order (Form A) Instructions09/28/2012
Service Bureau Checklist09/26/2013
Vendor Maintenance with W-901/23/2013
Vendor Performance Report10/17/2013
Verbal Quote | Quote Tab Sheet01/30/2012
Check Request06/06/2013
Missing Receipt Form05/23/2013
Purchase Card Agreement10/18/2013
Purchase Card Application10/02/2013
Reviewer Setup Application02/07/2014
OSP-1 Contract Form09/06/2013
OSP-1A Contract Amendment Form09/06/2013
Travel Card
Check Request06/06/2013
CTS (Ghost) Application10/02/2013
Missing Receipt Form05/23/2013
Reviewer Setup Application02/07/2014
Travel Card Application10/02/2013
Travel Card-CTS Agreement Form10/02/2013
Vendor Reporting
Paper/Printing Quarterly Summary12/01/2009