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 State - Software LAR 

Expiration Date Contract Vendor Buyer
5/1/2016  4600021299/SP-09-0208  SHI  Jaime Motley 

Co-Op Mandatory Minority Green
  Yes  No  No 

AASIS Information
AASIS Contract # 4600021299
Software Material # 10023878
Maintenance Material # 10118693
Value Add Services Material # 10112931
Vendor # 100000362
TAX NOTICE:  The sale of computer software, as a general rule, is subject to state and local sales tax.  However, sales tax on the purchase of computer software, including prewritten software, only applies if the software is delivered via a tangible medium, i.e. CD-ROM, flash drives, etc.   Software that is delivered electronically via Internet download or by “load and leave” where the tangible storage medium is not transferred to the purchaser is NOT subject to tax.  See Ark. Code Ann. § 26-52-304; see also Arkansas Gross Receipts Tax Rule GR-25.

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