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Delegation Orders 

Commodities & Agencies
Advertising Bids for Medium Duty Trucks | Department of Highway and Transportation06/15/2015
Bulk Fuel | All State Agencies06/15/2015
Corrugated Paper Boxes | Department of Correction06/15/2015
Delegation of Authority | DFA, Office of State Procurement06/15/2015
DHS Delegation Orders01/04/2016
Gas | Arkansas Department of Parks & Tourism06/15/2015
Marketing & Redistribution06/15/2015
Satellite | University of Arkansas06/15/2015
Transit Vehicles | Department of Highway and Transportation06/15/2015
University of Arkansas Cooperative Contracts06/15/2015
University of Arkansas Press | University of Arkansas06/15/2015
Virgin and Recycled Paper Products | All State Agency Purchasing Officials06/15/2015
Printing Delegation Orders (Agencies)
AR Northeastern College 06/29/2015
AR Spinal Cord Commission09/30/2015
AR Teachers Retirement06/29/2015
Arkansas Heritage06/29/2015
Arkansas State University/Beebe06/29/2015
Arkansas State University/Jonesboro 06/29/2015
Arkansas State University/Mountain Home06/29/2015
Arkansas State University/Newport 06/29/2015
Arkansas Tech University06/29/2015
Black River Technical College09/23/2015
Cossatot Community College06/29/2015
Department of Emergency Management06/29/2015
East Arkansas Community College10/05/2015
Economic Development05/09/2016
Environmental Quality06/29/2015
Finance and Administration05/06/2016
Forestry Commission05/09/2016
Game and Fish Commission06/29/2015
Henderson State University05/09/2016
Highway and Transportation Department05/12/2016
Human Services06/29/2015
Mid South Community College06/29/2015
National Park Community College05/06/2016
Northwest Arkansas Community College05/09/2016
Ozarka Technical College 06/29/2015
Parks and Tourism Department05/09/2016
Pulaski Technical College05/12/2016
South Arkansas Community College/El Dorado05/12/2016
Southeast Arkansas College/Pine Bluff06/29/2015
Southern Arkansas University Tech05/12/2016
Southern Arkansas University/Magnolia06/29/2015
State Plant Board05/12/2016
State Police09/25/2015
University of Arkansas Community College/Batesville 06/29/2015
University of Arkansas Community College/Morrilton05/06/2016
University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences06/29/2015
University of Arkansas/Cooperative Extension Service06/29/2015
University of Arkansas/Fayetteville06/29/2015
University of Arkansas/Ft. Smith10/22/2015
University of Arkansas/Little Rock05/06/2016
University of Arkansas/Pine Bluff06/29/2015
University of Central Arkansas01/20/2016
Workforce Services06/29/2015