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What is the current mileage reimbursement rate?
The current mileage reimbursement rate is $0.42 per mile.

How do I get reimbursed? 
Complete a TR-1 form, attach appropriate and required receipts, and submit to your AP or travel office.  (Have your supervisor sign it and keep a copy for your records.)

What are the limits for meals and lodging? 
Limits for meals and lodging are according to the federal per diem rate schedule which can be found under "Resources." Lodging per diem may be exceeded when fully justified and approved by the administrative head of the agency.

Is there a maximum amount per meal? 
The daily per diem in normally prorated by 15-35-50%.  The maximum full day meal allowance will be the Federal-per-Diem rate depending on the destination location. For partial days, meals charged must be in proportion to the time in travel status and may not exceed the maximum for applicable meal(s) stated in the Federal Travel Directory for the location(s).

Are receipts for meals and lodging required? 
Check your agency's policy, but the State does not mandate receipts for meals.  Lodging does require an original receipt to be submitted with the TR-1 form.

What items are not reimbursable? 
Except for those provisions enumerated in ACA 19-4-904, expenses for personal entertainment, tips, flowers, valet service, laundry, alcoholic beverages, cleaning, movies or other similar services are not reimbursable. Communication expenses shall be allowed only when necessary for the transaction of official business and properly receipted.

Expenses for rental of space, decorations, entertainment or other arrangements in connection with banquets held solely for the benefit of employees are not reimbursable.

Petty cash funds cannot be used to make travel advances or reimbursements. If the agency has a petty cash fund, incidental expenses incurred by the traveler such as postage and procurement of minor supplies essential to the performance of State business may be reimbursed from petty cash funds upon presentation of proper receipts. If the agency has no petty cash funds, such items may be reimbursed using the TR-1 form with proper and sufficient documentation.

Credit Cards

What is an Agency Travel Card? 
An agency travel account is a cardless account that can be used to pay for registration fees, airline tickets, reserve a hotel room, airport shuttle service, or rental vehicle.

What can be purchased with a fuel card? 
A fuel card may be used for fuel, vehicle maintenance, or vehicle rental from Enterprise.

Ground Transportation

What do I do if I have an accident? 
Immediately, call the police for an accident report!

If you are driving a state-owned vehicle, call your supervisor or call the agency employee responsible for vehicles.

If you are driving a rental vehicle, call the rental company.  The emergency phone number is on the paperwork you receive when a car is picked up.

If you are driving your personal vehicle, call your supervisor and then contact your insurance carrier.

When is it possible to drive instead of fly? 
You may drive when it is more cost effective to do so.  The following should be considered in the calculation: either personal mileage reimbursement. rental vehicle, or state vehicle, whichever is less, fuel, if applicable, possible lodging costs, meals, parking, tolls, etc.

When is it possible to rent a car? 
Rental cars should only be used when a state-owned vehicle is not available and the total cost is less expensive than reimbursement for the use of a personal vehicle. Use the "Trip Optimizer" located under "Ground Transportation."  You should not rent a car to get from the airport to your destination unless justified. The administrative head or travel administrator shall authorize in writing, the use of rental vehicles only when it is more economical than taxi, airport shuttle, etc.   Agencies must use the statewide vehicle rental contract if one is in force.

Is smoking allowed in rental vehicles?
Travelers may not smoke in any Enterprise vehicle. Any State employee who rented a vehicle under the contract will be responsible for any and all smoking-related damages caused by the traveler or the traveler's passengers in the vehicle while the vehicle was in their possession.


Can I use a travel agency? 
Yes.  Employees should utilize an online booking tool as much as possible to reduce costs.  A travel agency is recommended however for booking international flights.

When an agency hosts a meeting or conference and pay billing charges (rooms, meals and meeting room), do the normal purchasing thresholds apply?
Yes if the hotel is paid directly by an agency.  OSP is developing a template to assist agencies in specifying the requirements for an event.  OSP also recommends contacting the Convention and Visitor’s Bureau, if there is one available, in the city where the meeting is being held.  They can assist is obtaining the pricing for the event, but the requirement for ‘public notice’ as stated in ACA §19-11-229 (d) is still required.