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EBD Alert New Diabetes Management Program - Details

Posted Date 08/31/2018

EBD Alert – August 30, 2018

New Diabetes Management Program

ARBenefits is excited to announce a new management program available to members with diabetes. Kannact is a program available, at no cost, to all ARBenefits members. 

Kannact combines real-time biometric monitoring with one-on-one coaching to help members engage and better navigate the day to day challenges of living with diabetes. Kannact does not replace a member’s physician, but rather partners with the provider to provide support and guidance between visits.

On August 21, 2018, The State and Public School Life and Health Insurance Board approved a motion to transition the Plan’s diabetes management program to Kannact. Additional information will be provided to members that currently participate in the diabetes management program through Active Health Management who wish to transition to Kannact.

Kannact sends all necessary testing supplies directly to the participants’ doorstep. The following supplies and benefits are provided at no cost to the member, and are fully paid for by the Plan through an in-network claim reimbursement. No more fighting with the pharmacy to get your supplies! 

Enrollment for Kannact opens on September 4, 2018. Members can find more information about the program and enroll by going to www.Kannact.com/ARBenefits. Kannact can also aid members over the phone at 1-844-279-4153. 

Attached to this alert is a flyer with more information about the program and an FAQ.

 Kannact Information

Kannact  FAQ's

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